Kenyan Drake - Every time

Every time I see how well he’s doing, I get frustrated-to-pissed, that we didn’t snag him. Dude seems like exactly what we need.


He is. Welcome to Quinn World. He’s smart. Trust him.


6th round pick > Drake in Quinn World.

I’m happy he’s not here now.

Might have won some games and not have whatever pick we sent.

He’s a free agent so he’ll be available



The law of averages seems to apply everywhere, and to all things…except for the Detroit Lions! Daaaamn it!
Shouldn’t we have at the bare minimum have lucked our way into something, by now?


Been thinking that for 30 years.


True, but no affiliation with the Patriots and so Quinn will devalue him again.


He’s good at catching passes so who knows

I wanted Drake. But I’m just a dumb fan so I will just stay in my ignorant place.


As a free agent, he will only be 26 next month and the price of running backs isn’t crazy compared to other positions so it would be nice to test the waters. He played behind Lacy, Yeldon and Henry so he is kind of low miles. Since Kerryon is on a rookie deal he is cheap. We got Bo cheap and I would like to see him come back so adding Drake makes for some competition and depth without a lot of capital tied up in the RB position. I also think Dobbins or Taylor will be there at the top of round 2 if we want to draft a solid back fairly inexpensively.


The problem wit Quinn is he does not know how evaluate talent.

Running back is the one position in free agency where the on field value makes sense as long as you aren’t paying top of the market value.

Example Mark Ingram makes less money than Jesse James or Jared Cook per year.

I’d pay Kenyan Drake 4-5 million for 3 years and not blink twice

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Does Drake have a nickname?