KJ has a sprain



Week to week isn’t great but better than season ending.


Way better than requiring surgery. This is why I’m so hesitant to trust Twitter-Docs that in part build an audience out of sensationalistic stuff. Twitter also claimed Chase Winovich had a broken clavicle from the Indiana game, and he’s day to day.

So unless it’s a case of Alex Smith, best to just wait. Hope KJ can make his return soon. ~


I sure feel a lot better about our running game after this week!
As much as we need him against the Bears, I’m hoping MP doesn’t give into the temptation. KJ has been known to play thru injuries in College, this is not the week to attempt this.
Only way we win this game is through the air. Time for Theo to step up in the screen game and MJ to join Gollatron for the deep threat.


Perfect! Let’s roll with it!


I think he needs better than a retread.


Zack attack coming!