KJ is about to come back and play today

My thought which came to me this morning is: what if he gets injured right away (again) is that he is gone as well and we save X money for him also.

I liked KJ the whole time, but he’s off the field too much for my taste so . I’m not planning on him being gone , or wishing/hoping that he is , but I do wonder which way things will go with him weather he remains here or not.

He’s in year 2 of his 4 year rookie deal. He’s going to be a Lion for at least 2 more seasons unless he has a career ending injury.


well , I’m not so certain . he keeps getting injured and NOT playing/not on the field they will part ways…he’s already been injured at least twice and missing BIG chunks of the season so if he keeps that trend , I don’t see him being here a whole lot longer.

KJ has been here 2 seasons and has played the equivalent of 1 season or 16 games out of 34.

Thought he wasn’t eligible to play until week 16…

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Why get rid of him? It’s not like he costs a lot. You get what you get out of the guy. After his rookie contract is up, you can let him walk

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I don’t know if it’s today or then but my concerns about his health stand , I’ve seen nothing that cements the idea he can stay healthy so far and that is the reason for the thread. If he goes out on injury again it’s likely he won’t play another game until 2020.

I’d ONLY get rid of him IF he keeps getting banged up and NOT playing , he’s not helping the team much.

It’s not like he’s taking a roster spot away from some future All Pro RB though.


Rookie deals are cheap. He’s great when healthy. The running back position takes a ton of abuse. It’s wise to keep as much depth as possible. KJ isn’t an old school bell cow RB. His touches should be limited to around 10-15.

Quinn keeps crapping the bed in the off-season to accumulate legitimate RB depth. I’m not advocating spending 1st round picks in backs but we’ve just had two very deep RB classes where there was high level talent available up to the 3rd/4th round and we only came away with one back.

I don’t see anything wrong with drafting a RB in the 4th, 5th or 6th round every single season.


Lions Blood you are right about KJ not being the workhorse and sole back , which is why I said many times we needed to take snaps off of him to rest KJ and get another LEGIT #2 RB to pair with him…SO we aren’t missing a beat when KJ was resting. IMO trying to force him to play more than he should have was a mistake that lead to KJ’s injuries- plural.

no question he should-have been sharing carries. I really liked him (when he was healthy) but…now that’s not always the case.

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Thought he wasn’t eligible to play until week 16…

That’s correct. Personally I see no reason to bring him back.


right it’s clear they are packing it in , you can’t get one point in 3 quarters of football??

I-75 eyes. We’ve seen this before.