KJ wants to play in these next few games

weigh in, do we play him ? OR not let him play until 2020?

If he is 100% id say play him. I cant think of a disadvantage to giving him more playing time.

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good stuff, good stuff, nice to see you again and thanks for replying.


If he’s healthy I think he should play. Hopefully it will give him momentum heading into next year.

I don’t see an issue if he is healthy. He needs reps and touches to improve. He isn’t a finished product.

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Play for what? Hell no I don’t play him.

Only truly 100% healthy. If there’s any chance of shortening his career, I’d pass.

We definitely don’t want any risks, including risk of victory.


Play for more development. I dont think he is a finished product yet. He needs more play time.

No reason to play him and risk another injury, just I.R. anyone that you might want on the team next year…piss on this year!

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I have to clue paycheck wise can he met inventives if he plays now. Man still has to earn the money he thinks he can earn… in cool with it…

Hell, you risk dying every time you get into the shower!! Let the man play

I wouldn’t play him until the games mean something again. Like the beginning of next season.

Tough question. If he wants to play the play him.

Lions games will never mean anything

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If you are healthy you play. This should always be the standard for players.

The difference between the 4th and 3rd pick.
If KJ plays, we win.

If KJ plays we win what? He’s not a difference maker in this offense…

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Whether KJ plays or not is not a big deal
He cannot be trusted to play an entire season
Lions must draft a RB somewhere before R6
At this point, until he proves otherwise, KJ is a, good enough for now, transitional body

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I’m with you, dude. I don’t trust his health! I really wanted us to snag Drake. Drake, Bo, McKissick, and Johnson. I like that a lot. Cut Bawden from the
RB room to make room in the massively upgraded position group.

Nope - Instead, hopefully we can draft a badass that wasn’t injured in college.

No way I’d play KJ this season. Dude hurts himself clipping his toenails.


Then definitely not. lol