Kurds are already being systematically attacked by Turkey

The poll was 48% Dem 40% Rep and 12% Independent

Independents were 34% of the electorate in 2016…hmmm, why such a low number on independents in this poll…?

Who did the poll:

Braun Research

Amanda Danielle Braun

Ms. Braun 28, is the deputy organizing director and training director in the Richmond, Va., chapter of For Our Future, a political action committee that supports progressive issues and candidates. In 2016, she was a regional organizing director, in Reading, Pa., for Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. She graduated from Wellesley College. [New York Times]

Just more fake news for the lefty lap dogs to eat up.


This is the larger why about the 2016 polls. When you go to the polling companies website, read the actual polling methodology and breakdown, and see that Every Single One I read, which was over 20 of them over 4 months in summer/fall 2016, underrepresented independents and Every Single One sampled more Democrats than Republicans…well,

You Get What You Pay For.

Unfortunately, the only item on the menu was Self Delusion.


One breakdown I remember specifically but is representative of what you are talking about and what many of the other polls were doing went:

1,600 Dems
900 Reps
300 Independents

And they did that shit on purpose. Liberals/Dems pile up on eachother like sardines. If you want to poll a bunch of Dems, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out where you need to find them at. “Gee, I just polled urban Atlanta and found out that Georgia is favoring the Democrat by 15 points!!!” LOL


Someone else posted this on Twitter:

Breaking: Senators outraged at violation of Syria’s border. Breaching the territorial integrity of a sovereign nation is an intolerable act of aggression, they say!

Also Senators: No comment, no action on daily violations of America’s southern border.


Yeah…we should just roll tanks across the border, slaughter the people who live there and transplant all the illegals and asylum seekers.

Problem solved.

All this over 50 troops?
Blow things out of proportion much?
Maybe this could be an impeachable offense?

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In my hopefullness of finding 4D chess where there probably isn’t any…

Erdogan gets OK to isolate Turk Kurds and push them hard enough for them to be pliable.

Russia gets US out of western Syria…and truth be told western Syria IS Syria in the historical and ethnic sense.

Kurds get East Syria. When you look at the ethnic distribution map of where the Kurds are it’s this big continuous blob of people that covers Northern Iraq Eastern Syria Eastern Turkey and Northwestern Iran, and then this little tendril of people running across the northern Syria border with Turkey. If you look at a compromise level Kurdish State solution it was never going to include Turkish territory and probably not the little enclaves in Northwest Syria. Eastern Syria Northern Iraq oh, that’s what a compromise Kurdistan looks like.

Problem with that is it would have been a lot easier to do while we still had a shitload of troops in Iraq and essentially ran the country. So if the northern Iraqi Kurds declared a state we could essentially back them up. Now they could probably defend themselves as well from the joke of an Iraqi Army but probably not from Iran, who has a small Enclave of Kurds in their Northwest across the mountains from where Northern and Eastern Syria Kurds are.

So basically you tell the Kurds they got to move their ass out of Turkey and Iran but they get their own nation state my guess is that over time they would accept that proposition figuring that over a larger scale of time they might be able to suck those territories back up. They have the oil of Northern Iraq and enough space to be able to defend in depth of any kind of ground invasion, Plus assurances from us that we would probably build up their military like we’ve done with Saudi Arabia over time or come to the raid in case Iran tries to preempt that. What the Turks would have to agree to is 2 allow the new Kurdistan to transport their oil to the Black Sea for Market as otherwise there landlocked and enemy blocked. Also obviously they would get transport fees. Pretty good deal for moving millions of potential generational terrorists out of the Wasteland 1/3 of your country that you can’t really effectively police.

Kurds win, Turkey wins, Russia wins, we win, Iran loses and thus KSA wins. Israel doesn’t get a full Shia Crescent land bridge severing, but it narrows down where to airstrike to a strip of Anbar province between Jordan and Raqqa, which is a start…

Probably get us sucked into defending Kurdistan when Iran goes all Arab League 1947 on them…but it’s about the only plausible reason why we haven’t done it. Because it’s risky.

Neville Chamberlain didn’t take risks. Churchill did and got ass raped in Gallipoli…but eventually he’s know as the Lion of England and Chamberlain a multi century synonym for a cowardly pussy.


Agree on supporting the Kurds, I would love to hear what our departing troops have to say about them. One thing about guys that have shared combat, there ain’t no bullshittin’.

Moving people around like a game of RISK, while it might be the smartest thing there is nothing logical to how people cling to dirt. You’re in a part of the world where people have memories that are thousands of years old, and their leaders count on that to keep them in power. Constant conflict, (doesn’t have to be actual fighting, just the threat of it), fueled with nationalism and religion, voila. I actually think that supporting any of these countries is pretty much a losing proposition. Old middle east saying, when a snake and a rat get into a fight you don’t take sides. All I see is snakes and rats.


There is never any thought for the consequences of his actions. Looking for 4D chess is ridiculous when checkers is way over his head. Selling policies to Erdogan for direct payment is as deep as it gets.

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Yes, I care. For me this is the worst decision Trump has made since he became President. It’s not like both Bush and Obummer didn’t massively screw over the Kurds, but hey it’s Trump so like it’s got to be much much worse than the other screwings… We’ll see if it ends up like Obama’s foreign policy where he’s trying to use U.S. tax payer dollars to influence Israel’s election. Or letting ISIS take Mosel and Fallujah. Or landing 150B in Tehran. Or handing .50 call sniper rifles to the Cartels. But yes, this is bad and I hope Trump comes around and quick. Unfortunately I think the Genie is out of the bottle and now you are going to have to confront Turkey militarily to put it back in and that won’t be pretty at all.


U.S. Foreign Policy with Turkey is darn complicated.

Incirlik Air Base is one of the major strategically located US military bases. The base is in Turkey, which means that it is operated by both the US and the Turkish governments, unlike other co-bases. Most other military installations are operated by the US government, but under the regulation of the hosting government.

Izmir Air Base, Turkey (near the Syrian border), is one of the strategic military installations run by the US Air Force in Europe. It is almost 400 km away from Istanbul, in one of the oldest and largest cities of Turkey. It is also close to the Aegean Sea, which means it has direct access to the Middle East.

What’s left of the Libertarian in me says, bring them all home. From everywhere! Why the fuck are we babysitting grown ass people?
200 years ago we had a very good foreign policy.
Friends with everyone. Ally’s with nobody. Let the other countries sort their own bullshit. We get nothing from having our nose in it except having to deal with other people’s problems and pissing off people who might otherwise be our friends.
Take all of the money we’re spending on our military in other countries, spend it here and have twice the military might than we have now for the same cost as a deterrent to any would be fuckheads.

lol, Trump is using US Taxpayer dollars to leverage Ukraine to influence US elections in his favor…so much better right?

Don’t Bogart that joint my friend…