Kurt Warner thinking like some of us!

Another guy who seems to think Matt has been lacking a true supporting cast.

Agree or not it’s nice to see him say the same thing some are thinking here!!


Warner gets it.

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Don’t worry, I’m sure the pessimists will come out and say Warner doesn’t know what he’s talking about.


Warner is paId to talk like orloswky

with a SB ring!

I’m a Matthew Stafford fan and I think we should continue with him at QB, but when you have the #3 overall pick and a quality QB is available, you have to consider trading him and a $24M dead cap hit is irrelevant.

It’s hard to evaluate Stafford because he’s never had a good running game or a good defense. If we don’t improve our running game and/or defense, it won’t matter how good the QB is.


Whoa, somebody gets it. :slight_smile:


I bet he does from that hottie of a wife…

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…meaning what, exactly?


I guess he means the Lions pay them to talk positively about the team? Maybe? lol

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All the evidence you need is in his pro bowl appearance, Thats what it looks like when he has talent around him

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Honestly, I think this talk about Stafford not able to carry a team and the greats can is stupid. Stafford has carried teams in the past and people overlook that. I have said on a few occasions that a good quarterback is worth 2-3 extra wins in the win Column but they don’t single handedly win a super bowl. Typically the elites, when they win the whole thing, they have top 5-10 offense/defenses/special teams to go along with their stellar play. It is a team game and an elite Quarterback can tie an elite team all together.


I fault the owner and our leaders , historically they just slap anybody in place to run this team weather they have experience or not. They do not ever hire those that have legit game or bowl -winning experience. Proof is some of you have watched for 60 years and The Lions struggle hard asf to sniff a bowl ONE time. IF you own the GD team and it isn’t winning YOUR part of the problem! WTF doesn’t The Fords KNOW that if we start to win on a typical basis OR win BOWLS, that will put asses in seats again THAT means millions of added money !!! You want to make The City alive again!? WIN some bowls!!! Put Thee best in place to lead this team CORRECTLY at all phases and IT will happen. You put lesser-than persons to supposedly lead this team you’ll lose millions, we don’t need "placeholders that have no idea how to get this team to function at a 100%. You want to keep enjoying 3 win seasons and hiring , firing, re-hiring other idiots that are only here 2-3 seasons?? OR do you finally want to get off your ass, pull out the checkbook and do an complete and honest hiring ALL THROUGH and have them here 5, 6, 8, 10 YEARS, winning ball games and absolutely filling the stadium !!??

Ok man, put the sauce down.