Kyle Meineke’s views on talent level, draft and trading down

Sounds like a lot of fans here:

Q: How far down in the first round do you think the Lions would be willing to go in a trade?@LeeTsports

A: If you talk to people inside the franchise about why things haven’t worked out, there are a few things they’d tell you. One I’ve heard several times is the lack of top-end talent. The Lions have maybe 10 guys they believe they can win consistently with, compared to maybe as many as 40 guys with some of the top-end teams. And there’s only a couple guys in Detroit who are truly playmakers.

All of which is to say: I think they’re going to look for a sensible trade on draft night, but I don’t believe they’ll do it at the expense of drafting a true playmaker. I think that means they’ll be uncomfortable going any deeper than sixth. You have to figure Joe Burrow, Tua Tagovailoa and Justin Herbert are going somewhere in those top six picks, plus Chase Young. So at sixth, you should still see some combination of Jeff Okudah, Isaiah Simmons and Derrick Brown, and I think the Lions could live with that and whatever picks they add in the deal.

But trading any deeper than sixth is a roll of the dice on losing out on actual difference-makers for the defense, and I believe they’ll be reluctant to do that even if the offer were a good one. Because they need more elite players to have any chance of making this work.

Q: Chances Lions trade down at 3 vs. picking at 3?@rayray1222

A: 55% they trade down, 45% they stay put. I think they want to trade back, and I think they’ll find a market for the pick if Tua Tagovailoa is still there. So, the odds seem better than even they make a trade. Of course, there’s always the chance Tagovailoa goes in the top two (which is what I’ve projected), in which case they’d absolutely sit on the pick to draft Chase Young.



Lol. Quinn is five years in. So only 30 players away? Great news. That’s actually scary. Nice find Free thanks for posting it.


Exactly. Whose fault is that? Tabor over Kamara, Davis over TJ Watt, etc.


Man I still can’t get over that, 30 players! That’s damning evidence if I ever saw it.


I mean, our 2 best players are Stafford and Kenny G, right?

Kenny is a top 15-20 WR in the NFL, with a chance to be top 10 this year.

Stafford is a top 10-15 QB with question marks moving forward with age and injuries.

I think it would be hard for any honest fan to find more than 1 or 2 NFL teams with less high end talent than the Lions. This is 4 full years into the Quinn tenure. This is also why nobody can say “the Ford family cares about winning” and be taken seriously.