Lamar Jackson is breaking the league

This dude’s cheat code is off the charts right now. 5 TDs last night, while breaking Vick’s single season rushing record for a QB.


The discretion he shows when rushing really impresses me. On the drive where he tossed his first TD, he had a long run that ended around the 5. Could he have cut back inside and powered his way through to the end zone? Probably, but he set bravado aside and went out of bounds without taking a hit. He’s a smart kid, and he is clearly getting very good advice from his coaches. I look forward to watching him for years to come.


He almost single handedly has the Ravens as a Super Bowl favorite. Hard to bet against a player like that. He keeps upping his game, which is already insanely off the charts.


That offense looks unstoppable and drafting Hollywood Brown was a more genius move than I originally gave it credit for.

That being said, they are running away with alot of these games (literally). The weakness appears to be if you can jump on them early. It will be interesting to see if they will be able to fight back in the playoffs if that happens.

They are just a likable team. I don’t typically find another team to watch/root for in the post-season, but in this case, it’ll be the Ravens.

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It’s the Chiefs year in the AFC.

Yep, I’m definitely on the bandwagon this year. It was an easy transition for me because of all of the connections I have to Baltimore. The only time I’d be rooting against them in the postseason is if they happen to face the Saints in the Super Bowl.


The Ravens have a huge opportunity to win a Super Bowl this year before defensive coordinators have the offseason to figure out how to stop him. The question is can he be stopped?

Yeah and having Ingram brings a physical aspect to their offense as well. Just when your head is spinning as a DC trying to read and react to contain Jackson’s run or pass, Ingram gashes you for 7 up the gut. They have good players at WR, TE, RB and QB who is also an elite RB. Damn…

I wonder if we may be entering a time where QB’s will be viewed as more disposable players like RB’s are. I don’t mean that harshly, but lets face it, people invest less in RB’s because they know they will have a shorter time span in the NFL due to the hits they take. So perhaps we’ll see an influx of running QB’s that aren’t exactly Dan Fouts as passers, that get taken after round 1 and systems will be built to where it’s plug and play for the next running QB when your starting 210lb QB gets freight trained.


Chiefs v Cowboys… Got it. :roll_eyes:


mahomes looked unstoppable last year as well, not as much this year. It is definitely a magical year for Jackson, if he could even pull this off in the next couple seasons, that would be very impressive. But I don’t see him doing this going forward, he will definitely have good seasons, but teams will catch up to what he does.

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I’ve always liked the Ravens. It would grate on me when reborn Ray Lewis would get sanctimonious, but otherwise I’ve always found them to be likable.

I went out on a limb and took him in my fantasy league in the 4th or 5th round. Man has it paid dividends.


That’s a super interesting thought process…

While I’m not a Chip Kelly fan at all, I think his is the type of offense needed for something like this to work.

That being, it takes a QB who’s really good in both aspects for this to be effective. Those guys don’t grow on trees. I don’t think you could throw a Mike McMahon into the Raven’s O and have any kind of success.

I side with the Chefs…Jackson is awesome but I would still take both Mahomes and Watson over him

I don’t like the way he throws the ball. They say he is faster than Vick, I also do not see that.

I would take Mahomes ahead of Lamar 100/100 times. I would take Dak, Kyler Murray, Josh Allen, Watson as young QBs over Lamar if I was starting a franchise. I think Jackson will get figured out eventually. He’s fun to watch, though.

And you know for a fact that won’t happen? I don’t get the eye roll when nobody knows anything.

Browns v Lions…got it :roll_eyes:



Did you mean the stupor Bowl? :slight_smile:

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I remember when Colin Kaepernick was running all over everyone in the league too. Not saying Kap is on Jackson’s athletic level but Kap’s rushing career avg is higher than Jacksons so far.