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The Boors

Johnny Hash

Wilson Dickett

The Tyrds

The Dour Seasons

ZZ Stop


The Boobie Brothers
Tin Lizzy


The Beagles
Earth, Wind and Fired
The No Go’s
Dave Clark Hive


Is there any organized softball going on in lower michigan? Practicing?

No, and Whitler just extended the stay at home order for such activities. Although bars and restaurants are supposed to open this week on a limited basis.

Three Dog Fight
Tower of Powder
Cold Porter

Lucky Girl Brewing Co and Winery were open…guest starring Island Noodles foodtruck and live guitar duo. Good brisket and Bordeaux today.

M43 and M40 near Paw Paw, open tomorrow too.

That sounds pretty awesome. Pretty crazy how all of this has changed our perspective on what we used to view as mundane.

Wonder how “legal” that was… I went to Holland Beach today, it was the busiest I’ve seen it in years. Made me smile seeing every soul on the beach being “selfish” and not wearing a mask. I had to make myself a parking space it was so busy. There were maybe 3 DNR guys walking around not doing much, took them about 2 hours to realize someone had a full grown German Shepard on the beach.

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My son in law is a DNR officer. They don’t want anything to do with pushing the “orders”. So far he has only handed out not too strident verbal warnings on the water, on land he is taking more actual LE calls as local police are furloughed.

Matchsox 20
Miley Vyrus