Late Round QB

Pretty obviously the Lions will be drafting a late round QB to run QB#3. Who are you guys wanting to see?

Jake Luton is an intriguing prospect… Big kid, doesn’t turn the ball over and ran a pro style offense.

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Maybe the Iowa kid? Depends on how far he falls.

Case cookus
Riley neal
Gonna take shit for this but Shea Patterson

I wouldn’t take any. I think we have needs that can still be addressed late in the draft.


I think Jacob Eason would be someone I would target in the middle of the draft if he’s still there. I’ve read where he might go in the first round though. Not sure the Lions want to spend a 3rd rounder on him if he is there.

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You’re damn right you will… Boo this man, BOOOOOO!!

Eason’s arm is way too big to last until the mid rounds. Someone will take a chance by round 2.

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I like Bryce Perkins late on day 3 as our Taysom Hill

Agree, he’s a very good prospect, if he’s there for our 3rd rounder, we should strongly consider taking him. I think he goes early to mid 2nd round though.

why are we drafting one other than camp worker. We have are backup signed for few years an they traded for David Blough.
Many forget he was a rookie last season an during camps here or with Browns he wouldn’t have got many first line snaps.
He did get season starts that should help him this season. Why wouldn’t we keep him an see how he improved?
You really think some late round rookie is going too be better than a guy who got to start games as a rookie in NFL? Just makes me wonder.

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I think he has a howitzer. I’m not particularly high on him though. Or think he has a high bust rate at least

He’s this year’s Drew Lock… He’d be a good fit in Detroit to backup MS. I’m not sure he’ll ever be a long term starter based on his slow eyes.

I’d prefer we use the pick for anything other than QB.

We have our official backup for This upcoming season Now.

If we do grab another QB, I think we go udfa…

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I am with Yote on this one. The Lions already have a QB#2 and QB#3 so why would they add a QB4 when there are other positions that they could use a draft pick on. I for one would be very surprised if the Lions drafted a QB this year. Now they might grab a UDFA, but that wouldn’t surprise me.

I wouldn’t mind Jacob Eason as a guy to groom as Stafford’s possible replacement in a couple years. If he were there in the 3rd I would consider it but I think he goes in the 2nd. For some reason I think NE.

The other guy who will be 4th maybe 5th round is James Morgan FIU. he looked really good leading up to the East West Shrine Game and according to Walterfootball interviewed and tested well at the combine

I think Morgan is going on Day 2. According to reports a lot of teams seem to like him.

He won’t go late in the draft but as I’ve said before I believe Bevell really likes Jalen Hurts.

If we have extra picks in a trade down scenario there would be worse uses of one of those day 2 picks than snagging Hurts. If he even makes it to day 2.

QB is the most import position in sports. I’m in the camp you draft a qb each and every season. Maybe you find a Nick Foles who does a spectacular job for the last handful of games. Maybe you get a Matt Schaub/Garopollo who you can flip for great draft capitol.
Most of the late round guys you draft barely last a couple seasons anyway.

That would suck if Eason had to go to NE, where his father played.