Late round WR I like

Denzel Mims in the 3rd /4th round, he has a lot of upside but needs a little refinement running routes ( I think that can be quickly learned and nipped in the bud.

My only problem with Mims is concentration. He’ll make one of the most amazing catches you’ll ever see and then follow it up with a painful easy drop. Perhaps that’s fixable. He certainly has all the tools.

yeah he dropped some of the footballs due to a painful thumb injury and concentration lapses earlier in his college career, your going to see that ‘at times’ that’s the reason he’s considered a 4th-rounder, but I’ll take him if he can bring double-digit TD’s and fair amount over 2,000 yards he did at Baylor. 2901 and 28 TD’s back then.

being he’s 6’3 215 would help Stafford.

Don’t expect him to be a great route runner. It’s not his style. He’s more of a vertical guy.

I like Mims but there are other WR’s I like more. I’m expecting a run on WR’s in round two and it wouldn’t shock me if Mims is off the board by our 3rd pick.

Guys can improve as route runners. I get that a lack of lateral quickness may place a ceiling as to just how good of a route runner someone can become but if a guy is committed to his craft he can improve a lot as a route runner as a pro.

I don’t think he has the right stride or foot speed for it. Some guys just aren’t made to make sharp cuts.

Think CJ as an example. He was good at the vertical stuff, slants, posts, and corner routes were no problem but his stride made it hard for him to run a crisp curl, flat, comeback or dig route.

That’s kinda my issue with the Lions current WR Corp now. Both Golladay and Marvin Jones aren’t the greatest route runners. They run limited route trees. So CB’s know they don’t have to worry about them cutting on a dime. Or running certain routes. It makes them easier to cover and it’s a large reason why they struggle to separate. What they do well is win contested balls.

I really think we need a good route runner. A guy who can open up our playbook. A guy who can create separation. A guy with both speed and great route running abilities. This draft has plenty of them.

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying he can’t improve his craft. I’m just saying don’t expect him to ever be stellar at it.

I’ve seen Mims mocked in the 1st a few times since the combine. I don’t think he’ll go that high, but I think the days of him lasting into the 3rd or 4th round are gone now.

I think he probably goes at the bottom of round two but some of these great WR prospects have to slide and it may be more than we expect if teams elect to wait on account of the depth. Probably a bit of a game of chicken by the GMs and then a massive run once the first couple GMs blink. I’m talking about the second or even third tier of wideouts not the Jeudy and Lamb types

I agree … However sometimes we see guys get over drafted because of their speed.

6’2” 212lbs Breshad Perriman comes to mind.
He runs a 4.25 and suddenly he’s a first rounder. He was too raw to go first round.

Mims is 6’3” 207 lbs and ran a 4.38.

There are some other similarities in the two as well. Both were a bit raw coming out. Both have long strides. I think Perrimans speed was obvious on film where Mims sometimes shows fast and other times not so much. Personally I think Mims has better hands than Perriman and a bigger catch radius. I was shocked when Perriman went round one so I guess there a chance Mims could. I see him going round two.

Ask yourself this … if Breshad Perriman were in this draft class where would you project him to go? Would it be ahead of Mims? I would put Mims ahead of Perriman. That’s the difference between the two draft classes these two came out in.

Denzel Mims I think goes in RD2 mid to late . He improved his higher pick at combine big an fast.

If we go WR in round 2 I would prefer it be Shenault. With good health he’s Anquan Boldin 2.0. The problem is that IF is bigger than you’d like. But he’s special when healthy IMO.

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