Laviska Shenault WR

over at Walter, I read this guys player comments, I think this kid can be useful here. he’s tough, makes contested catches, can break tackles for extra yards, harder to bring down, has some juke moves, good hands.

He gets hurt A LOT. Aside from that he’s a fantastic prospect.

Except he is not worthy of pick 3# and he won’t be there at #35. IF we do get a trade down opportunity he may be part of the equation, just have to see who else is available at that spot. Lots of good WR will go in round 1. My guess is 6.

I’m seeing 20-24 wrs going in top 100

he had turf toe, and a shoulder injury-from what I could find .

I think the kid is good but there’s other WR’s I like a lot more than him.

The guy I keep thinking we should target is Justin Jefferson in round 2.

Round 3 maybe we could get a guy like Tyler Johnson, KJ Hamler or KJ Hill.

I think some damn good ones are gonna fall to round 3. In expecting a big run on WR’s in Round 2. Dang near every NFL team should be able to get a decent WR if they want one.

Totally agree. Would love a trade down to 5 or 7 and get around 26 also and grab one of those upper guys.

Hamler concerns me. Pretty small (5’9" 175) Solid receiver, electric, just feel he’ll get injured sooner than later.

I think with the depth at WR in this year’s draft, he will be available with #35. In fact, there should be a lot of quality WRs available at #35.

Yeah he’s small but he’s damn good and a solid route runner. If he were bigger he’d go round 1. I think he makes it to round 3. Here’s a few NFL comparisons for ya.

He’s listed as 5’9 176lbs

Brandin Cooks is 5’10 183 lbs
Steve Smith 5’9 184lbs
Darren Sproles was 5’6 187lbs.

My point is that players his size often have NFL success.

I was just tossing Shenault out there ,interesting guy but his past injuries can haunt him…this is still too early to say with authority who I would draft as a WR. Me? I think RB is way more of a concern now that Danny is comming back @ WR , I don’t trust the RB group as it is.

I can’t tell what I’m looking at with this guy. Am I seeing Anquan Boldin or Cordarrelle Patterson? What kind of WR is he, as far as actual WRing?

Gandy-golden is an interesting player, we’ll see what he runs at the combine but he looks the part.

I like Shenault myself but I think his, let’s call it questionable effort on plays where he’s not involved will really turn off our coaching staff specifically. Combined with the injuries, I don’t see us taking the risk. Which is too bad, he’s electric with the ball in his hands.

Does Shenault have fumbling issues? It’s measurement day and his hands come in at 9".

None that I recall.

But read this on hand size. It’s a good read. I remembered reading it from last year.