Why is it so freaking hard to find a decent lawyer to just partner with and have someone on your side for the long term?

I just wanted to find a lawyer to help me with real estate transactions, leases, tenant issues and such, and they all advertise different rates than what they really charge.

I recently paid one guy a $500 retainer to look at some documents that I had signed with my property manager and to advise when my tenants didn’t pay rent. I swear, he could not have spent more than 30 minutes during the whole process and now he says I owe him more money.

This is not my first experience like this either.
They usually have shitty personalities too.

I hate lawyers.


Radiohead sums up my views of lawyers perfectly:

“When I am king, you will be first against the wall”

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I like this song. Always have…

"Nothin’ But a Woman"

You can give me an hour alone in a bank
Pay all my tickets, wipe the slate blank
You could buy me a car, fill up the tank
Tell me a boat full of lawyers just sank
But it ain’t nothin’ but a woman
Nothin’ but a woman, no, no
Don’t need nothin’ but a woman
Any time I’m feelin’ low

I haven’t had too many good experiences. Most have been assholes. I did find a decent guy who’s done some estate work, wills and stuff for me. We do have a legal plan though work though and they cover the expense of routine things like that as a reimbursement. Not sure if that’s a benefit you could get. I have a buddy who has legal work done online. Not sure what I think about that.

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That was my next plan of action. If long term relationships mean nothing to these guys, I should probably just use on-line resources and make it less personal.

I have a long history with lawyers and issues like tenant leases. Finding a good lawyer takes time and lots of interviews if starting from scratch. The important issue is to lay out your cards on the table and explain what you want and what you expect. I do not know any lawyers in Michigan, but I can ask a cousin of mine that has three real estate brokerages?

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Being in IT on the end of selling product and services, I’ve met a number of lawyers. The worst one was a plastic, ambitious creep whose political aspirations recently ended in scandal. The next worst one was a prima dona that wouldn’t even make eye contact. Weaselly little guy with a touch of OCD and butt cheeks covered in lipstick from the well-trained staff.

Aside from those two creeps, I have worked with another dozen or so. A couple of interesting characters, including an all-out slob whose office was so full of paper, you couldn’t figure out how he got to his seat. A big mouth-breathing baby huey type that ended up winning a local government seat. A couple ambulance chasers, too. I’d actually hire any of them if I didn’t have my own family lawyer. (Quality, quality guy on multiple levels.)

I think you just need to keep shopping locally. Ask them if you can come in and talk about the things you’re looking for and to discuss rates. If they won’t give you the time of day, keep moving.

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Not to change your subject but I used to watch the early crossroads concerts with my dad. He was a big Eric Clapton fan. I always liked this song from Robert Cray.

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