Legitimate concern over whether Stafford can start tomorrow

wtf we can’t even play the game if he can’t go Sunday.

We can’t?

what QB do we have at back-up IF Stafford is out !? smartass.

I don’t even know who our backup QB is. We made several moves and I honestly can’t remember where we ended up. I can’t remember the last time I couldn’t name the Lions backup QB. Its easily over 20 years ago.:flushed:

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I believe it is David Blough and Jeff Driskel.
Driskel didn’t play too badly for Cincy last year.
If Stafford is that injured, these might be the QB tandem for the rest of the season.

To quote Branch Rickey, "“We finished in last place with you. We can finish in last place without you.”


Jeff Driskel

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David Blows

Sorry, David Blough

That’s the 3rd string QB

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PS Bring Back Mike McMahon

At least he could run considering that O-line.


Okay, so we’ve narrowed down the backup QB to at most 2 names.:joy:

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David blough has been inactive for every game so far this year. Driskel is the backup

Without Stafford, the Lions would be 0-7.


PLEASE be Driskel !

Wait, who is Driskel?

Who is the guy we got from the Packers?..that’s Blough, right?

Jeff Driskel was backup with the Cincinnati Bengals for several years (originally drafted by 49ers). When Cincinnati released him Detroit snapped him up and released Josh Johnson. I have no idea where you’re thinking of the Packers as David Blough is a rookie UDFA quarterback that was on the Cleveland Browns prior to the Lions acquiring him

There is no way to know this.

the way Stafford has BEEN playing !? in 2019 you go put your nose in the corner and think about it !! :rage: Giorgio !

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Of course not. That’s why it’s an opinion.

Enjoy your retirement Staff. Don’t risk your life for this shot show