Legitimate concern over whether Stafford can start tomorrow

Whoever ends up playing (if it isn’t Stafford) better be playing this in his headphones before the game.

“Run! these black boys that take none
Don’t cop out shit, take the three six and add that shit
Run! if you ever pack a nice size gun
Run! if you sell drugs to your dun
Run! be the fuck out word god run hard“

It is Ian Rapaport. I wouldn’t put much stock into this. The beat writers are all saying they didn’t get this feeling at all.

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ugg :face_vomiting:

“No, I’m fine,” Stafford said on Wednesday. “I’ll be good to go. I’m not really worried about it. Something different, but I’m totally good.”

Shit happens, we all know that. But this guy is one tough SOB, I’ll be quite shocked if he doesn’t start at least.

well what the hang is going on with this !?..this is at LEAST the 2nd time this season he’s said “he’s fine.”
but yet we get a thread “Legitimate concern whether Stafford can start tommorrow.” ?? strange.

Not to worry; it we’re forced to play Driskell at QB, we can go primarily run. With a 6th round running back who hasn’t done a thing.


Are you sure about that? I distinctly recall him being active and listed as the number 2 in several games.

I went and looked this up. VS Philly and VS KC Bough was active and listed as the backup.

All the rest of our games Bough has been inactive.

Driskel was fighting an injury during the weeks Blough was activated. I think it’s safe to say Drickel in our backup.

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Thanks for the correction. Frankly I didn’t remember him being active at all. I stand corrected in my Orthopedic Footwear. LOL

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… but I think you are right!

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It is a pretty safe bet.

Driskel better man the hell up fast if we are to have a snowball’s chance in hell at winning…let alone scoring enough.

McKissick Wildcat has a better chance than our backup…

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Putting Driskel back there is kind of like running the wildcat. The kid is fast for a QB. Him and McKissic run similar 40 times. Bevell would easily be able to pull out his Russell Wilson option plays for him.

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I love Stafford but trying to play through back pain can’t keep doing wonders for his future. Take one bad sack from Mack today and could cost him the season.

Sit this one out, Matt. You’ve earned it!


Adam Schefter



Lions’ QB Matthew Stafford is being told by some not to play Sunday in Chicago because of a back injury that has left him questionable, but he is hoping to try to play through the pain, per sources. No decision is likely until pregame warmups.