Less leverage for players

Long time lurker (way back when Atticus Speaks and ManeLion were around) first time posting. I hadn’t seen anyone mention this part of the new CBA yet, but please be nice if it’s a repost:

If a player is under contract, fines will be increased for holdouts, players will not be able to have the fines waived when they return and, perhaps most importantly, players don’t accrue a season of play, so their free agency date will be pushed back. This only applies to veterans under contract, but it’s still an important element that gives teams more leverage and takes it away from players.

I don’t know how accurate this article is, since he says the preseason wasn’t shortened in it as well… Does anyone know if this is true? I was wondering how long of a holdout would trigger the loss of an accrued season of play.

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Yeah, but they got softer weed violations.

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The Players were in a dream land if they thought they would be getting more of leverage and more control. The owners will always come out on top and give the impression that they are giving the players more of what they want. And to many they did, the players who make less want more and they want to smoke weed. And the owners basically don’t want their players to try to screw them over with hold outs and want more revenue with more games (players under contract will get 1/17 of their current contract when they play in a 17 game season).

Last I heard the preseason will be reduced once a 17 game season starts, most likely in 2022.

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I kind of like the fine -just off what you posted- I dislike the idea that someone agrees to work and then holds out after the fact… try that shit once you signed your contract with the military to serve and get paid.

Sadly it’s forced accountability and integrity to work when you said you would…

My understanding is that this doesn’t count until 2021. IOW, Slay is going to lose money if he ain’t traded and doesn’t show up under the terms of his contract.