Let’s talk the Jags matchup

The 1-3 Lions face off against the 1-4 Jaguars. This week. The Lions are a 3.5 point favorite.

The Jags defense has been one of the worst in the NFL. They are decimated by injuries and their pass defense has allowed opposing QB’s to complete 77% of their passes. But surprisingly they only given up 29 points a game.

In comparison the Lions defense has given up 32 points a game and has had the leagues worst rushing defense that is giving up 170 yards a game.

Interesting fact is the Jags have lost 3 in a row to winless teams.

Meanwhile Detroit has faced a much harder schedule. All of the Lions opponents currently have a winning record and have a combined 15-5 record so far.

The jags offense has averaged just 22 points a game. While the Lions offense hasn’t been much better at 25 points a game.

Key matchups:

Jags 26th ranked run game vs the Lions 32 ranked run defense.

Lions 21st ranked passing game vs the Jags 29th ranked passing defense.

This is a good game to really gauge the Lions with. They are the favorite. They should be able to move the ball and put up points.

Let’s hear your thoughts on the game.

This is the perfect game for the lions to lose. The Jags lose to three winless teams and then beat the lions. I doubt it happens because the lions have more talent than the Jags do, as small as that margin may be.

My question is, what are we gauging in this team if they put up points and beat an equally bad team?

Jacksonville scored 27 points against the Colts and 30 against the Titans which are both solid defenses. They put 25 on the Bengals as well. I think that they have an offense which will put up points against our moribund defense. Would you be confident on the Lions scoring 30 points in this one?



Only thing is, I don’t want us going .500 and getting a non-impact player with the 12th pick in the draft.

Defense has to change… I’m torn and frustrated. Not to the point where I’m rooting for us to lose, but I’m close. (only so we switch coaches).

Respect you man, but I really feel like you’ve been overrating this offense all season.

Could they score 30? Yes, maybe. Is it guaranteed? Heck no.

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What will happen on the o line if Dahl comes off IR?

Will we have another rotation at guard or do we bench Crosby and play big V at right tackle or bench big V?

All things being equal I would bench big V but I don’t think Quinn and Patricia can afford to do that at this point. Optics would look pretty shit if their big ticket O line addition cannot make the starting line.

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BIG V was a bench player most of his career…

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We should have no problem getting an impact player at 15 it just wouldn’t be one of the top quarterbacks. Someone like Rondale Moore would probably be available and he’d be a nice complement to Golladay and Cephus.

It depends on when we see good Stafford. He’ll likely soon have a stretch in which he plays at an elite level.

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I’m betting (Literally) on Stafford tearing it up this week.

I think we’re going to see a different Stafford this week and if the offense starts churning and wins a few games then I could see Matt getting on a hot streak.


Jax 20
Lion 17

That’s kind of what I’m thinking. I also feel like Marvin Jones is due for one of his monster weeks.

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Dahl has proven himself at LG. JJ has proven himself at RG. There is only one question mark and that is at RT. Whoever is best between Big V and Crosby is who should be in the lineup. Do they rotate while they figure that out? I guess not. I think if Big V sucks, they’ll make the switch midweek.

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Jags 26th ranked run game vs the Lions 32 ranked run defense.
Lions 21st ranked passing game vs the Jags 29th ranked passing defense.

Ugh. What a powerhouse matchup. Get ready for a real gladiator fight:

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I seriously think it just comes down to if the Lions can get any pressure on Minshew. If they can’t, he is going to shred the pass defense. You just can’t give NFL QBs that much time.

Also, I heard something on the radio this morning. The Jags are also the first team in NFL history to have 5 different kickers through the first 5 weeks. So if the Lions lose they will not only become the first team to lose to a team that lost 3 games in a row to winless teams, but also the first team in NFL history to lose to a team who had 5 different kickers through 5 weeks.

It won’t shock me if the lions lose. You have to remember this is a team the went 0-16.

Obviously, I want them to win but I’m expecting them to lose.

This is a no lose situation.

Either we get to enjoy a win or Patricia gets fired on Monday.


I wish I had your faith that the Fords are going to fire him. I just don’t think they will until at least the annual embarrassment that is Thanksgiving Lions football.
I do wish they would have fired him at the bye. With a different defensive philosophy, I see no reason why the Lions shouldn’t win the next 5 games in a row. Granted, winning 5 in a row in the NFL is really, really tough, but the Lions couldn’t have asked for an easier stretch of games.

If we lose to the Jags I think Patricia and Quinn are both gone Monday. It’s a trendy league and we just watched the Texans and Falcons get rid of regimes that have had success.


Matt Patricia is capable of losing to anyone.