Let’s talk trenches

We’re getting beat in the trenches big time. The Packers defense stuffed our run game with ease. Something they’ve struggled to do with other teams. Our DL also is getting beat. Their not getting to the QB and their struggling to stop the run.

The Lions have some tough decisions to make at seasons end in Graham Glasgow and A’Shawn Robinson. Both are Free agents and both will likely get a big contract on the market.

In my opinion A’Shawn should be the top priority of the two. I’d like to see him back if we don’t have an upgrade solution.

Graham Glasgow is a far tougher decision. He’s a well above average pass blocker but below average run blocker. I also feel he struggles to get to the second level and block.

I have a feeling the Lions will be drafting trenches next spring. We need a big mauler at OG. Right now we have more finesse types at OG. We could stand to get better at OT as well so it wouldn’t shock me if we chose to move on without Decker and Wagner. The bottom line is that BQ’s rebuilt OL needs to be rebuilt.

On the defense line I think we could move on from Daniels, resigns A’Shawn and find some youth to go behind Snacks and Okwara that can push them and steal some snaps away.

I hope this off season we can find a real difference maker to add to our DL.

I wouldn’t be shocked if we went trenches with our first 4 picks.

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I think A’Shawn and GG both depend on the market. I think they are both going to be quite pricey.

If only signing one I’d lean towards GG b/c of his versatility and that IMO we’re better off along the DL.

I think we come around on the DL this year. Really nervous about the run game though.

I think we may have to get more gimmicky. More jet sweep action with Agnew. 3-4 fakes per game. 1-2 rushes. More delay draws out of passing sets. Spreading KJ out and then motioning him back into a run set.

Ultimately I think we may need to look into improving or at least augmenting KJ next year unless he can find his ‘18 game again.

As far as offensive line, it’s not good enough. KJ is fine even though I feel we need to add more depth at RB. Wagner isn’t any good and neither is the combo of Dahl and Wiggins. The fact that they alternate at guard is all you need to know about them. Glasgow is average, maybe above average… but people justifying paying him 10 million a year are crazy. Decker unfortunately isn’t that great either. We need a RT and LG the most and help can’t come soon enough.

Bryant (fingers crossed)

I’d love that!

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Bryant is not going to be a difference maker.

Hand can be. He is the prototype for the way we play mush-rush and cover

I really think so too

we’re good enough that we can be open minded about value during the draft. To be honest I don’t think our blocking scheme necessarily matches our personnel up front. I also think while KJ is okay all of Davidson’s great rushing offenses have had super explosive runners (Adrian Peterson, DeAngelo Williams/J. Stewart at their peak.)

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If we pick 22nd or whatever and Shenault slides down there on account of WR depth I’d be pissed if we take a marginal first round guard just BC of need.

That’s just an example. I do think taking a tackle who starts inside and slides out to replace Decker in year 2 could make some sense.

It is a really promising offensive tackle class.