Let's all take comfort together

In laughing at the Bears for trading up 1 spot and taking Trubustky, leaving KC to move up 15 spots to grab Mahomes.


As a lions fan I don’t feel comfortable pointing and laughing at anyone else. I mean we drafted a TE in the top 10 (twice) for Christ sakes. We traded a young probowl DB for a 5th round pick.

We have more than our fair share of terrible draft picks.

But I will say that there’s talk in CHI that Trubisky maybe done and they may look to FA to get a new one.


Sometimes you have to re-learn how to take pleasure in your enemies misery after so many decades of fratricidal abuse.

Let the hate flow through you, young Bear-Hater…

Here, let me help a little more, with an assist from Super Troopers…


Let’s put a little more salt on that wound…


I was hoping the Bears would select Biscuit, I was absolutely smitten when they traded UP to get him. Nothing sports related, besides the lions winning, brings me more joy than when the bears suffer.

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OFF TOPIC: I think this trade will take a while to really evaluate, but I did understand it. Most people never looked but at the time we traded Diggs he had the more missed tackles than any other DB. From an organizational standpoint several guys didn’t buy in, Diggs was one of them. If you were running a business would you want one of your “key” managers badmouthing the decisions you were making, or doing things you didn’t agree with? Don’t think so. Lastly, teams are always looking to upgrade their roster or add depth. So 30 other teams were not willing to offer better than a 5th. That should tell everyone who loved Diggs what professional teams and scouts were seeing.

I liked Diggs as I thought he played with a high IQ and was a hard hitter for his size, but he was not a great tackler nor was he a great coverage guy IMWO.


Have to agree with everything you said. I think sometimes lions players are overvalued in regards to their talent. I really liked Diggs as a player but I do believe a coach and gm have the right to ship a player out, no matter who, if he is causing turbulence and not buying into the system. It is not questioned in some organizations because they are established winners and there is trust in the regime. In Detroit there is no trust and a history of losing so it just looks like “fatt matt is fucking up again”.

Gotta love The Onion. This one is absolutely brutal, but I love it.