Let's make eachother feel old


How old were you when you first discovered the Den?

I was 14/15 … :baby:

33 now. :older_man:


16 years ago, 2003.
I was 15 years old… wow…


Joined in Jan. 2005. I was 48…
I don’t know how old i am now




I was 22 when I joined. 35 now, and without this place to keep me going I probably would have ditched this clown show franchise years ago.

Wait, is that a good thing?


41 when I stumbled along in '99. That makes me…where did I put that abacus.



I am currently 42.


I discovered the Den around 2002 when I was 23 and I’m 39


I thought would have to say something like, 'I remember every Lions td that has been called back since ‘68’.


I remember the Lions being NFL champs.


Holy crap! You are old!


2002… when I was only 35 way back before the CJ catch rule and all the other rubbish calls that seem to go against the Lions from batting the ball out of the end zone to the picked up flag in Dallas, to the reversed Tate TD that should’ve beaten the Falcons… ugh… now I need a drink.


In Aught and Two, I was 35, and a pretty salty 35 at that point in my life.

Today, 17 yrs later, I aught to know better, but sometimes the salt spills a bit now and then despite.


You mean the salt is supposed to DECREASE as life goes on?? :anguished:


Since this is a “feel old” thread, I’m going to say something that’s going to make me feel older than I should as a Lions fan. You ready? Now picture me as Morpheus in The Matrix, and I’m about to use that cool ass voice to drop this. Ready?

What if I told you, that we beat the Bears in 2004 on the Calvin Johnson rule…3 years before we drafted Calvin Johnson and 6 years before the Bears beat us on the Calvin Johnson rule?

There is no spoon.


Yeah, but he still finds a way to be chipper. He’s Himalayan pink salt.


Only used in special situations; gotcha.




1999 when I was still a young, 36. Oh the pain since then with Millen and Mayhew.


First article I ever wrote (shortly before merging with NFLFans.com to inherit their forum of 3 users) was urging the Lions to sign then free agent QB Kerry Collins.



I should add it would have been Collins’ first free agency, sooo …1998/99? Jesus.