Let's Rename the Lions!

Ok, just got me thinking ( this is dangerous). Anyways, I have always been an advocate for keeping the team in detroit and always keeping them as " The LIONS". BUT…in recent years I’ve thought about a potential move ( It wont happen) or a potential name change. Not sure I would welcome it but i wouldn’t leave the team because of it. I wasn’t a fan of the bullets becoming the wizards or the Browns becoming the Ravens but they both warmed on me and in the end I think it helped both franchises. So what are your names? I did like the Detroit Mustangs in the link there but let’s have some fun with it! I will say the “Detroit Enigma”. I’m lame so my name fits. Go!!!


The Detroit Dystopia

Detroit Sucks

The Detroit Diarrhea. “These colors run”

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There’s already Colts and Broncos, no need for Mustangs. I’ll go with the J. Giels song, Detroit Breakdown.


Ravens, Eagles, Cardinals, Seahawks

Panthers, Jaguars

Detroit Cougars, Martha has dual role of Owner/Mascot.


Detroit Edsels.

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The Detroit Cucks


I’ll just tweak it a little- Letdown Lions.

I lost it with the Cucks! This board ain’t right! It’s so perfect because well, we do watch them get screwed!

Detroit Dryheave

Detroit Walleyes!

To honor Linwood, MI as the walleye capital of Michigan!

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Always been partial to the Detroit Dumpster Fire


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Off topic but I used to work for a well driller down in Linwood a few years back while I was waiting to finish school. B&B well drilling

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Detroit Settlers, If I’m going from the past.

I believe we will eventually see a team worthy of being Lions soon, men.

Fingers crossed.

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That would look incredible on the side of a helmet! Love thst Honolulu Orange TM

Been waiting for someone else to do it…

Detroit Wheels’

Ala Mitch Ryder and the Detroit wheels!


We are gonna Blow Your Face Out!!!