Lions 17 Free Agents - Lets discuss them

Here’s a link ranking the Lions 17 free agents that are about to test free agency. Let’s take a moment and discuss each one.

BQ is a firm believer in turning over 30% of his roster each season. So it’s a safe bet that the Lions will see approximately 16 new faces on their final 53 man roster. So I do not expect many of these 17 players to return.

WR - Amendola and Kearse are both likely gone but I’d like to see the Lions bring both back. AD was the much needed possession WR that the Lions offense greatly needed. Kearse being quality depth. I doubt both are back and with a deep WR class it’s possible the Lions could look to the draft.

OL - Benenoch, Aboushi, Wiggins and Glasgow are all free agents. Rumor is the Lions plan to move on from Starter GG. Personally I think the Lions are going to overhaul this group and it’s highly possible none are back. I suspect the Lions want to upgrade from GG and will look to FA to do so. My guess is either Wiggins or Aboushi are back and the Lions will add a later round pick to the mix. Ultimately I’m expecting a lot of changes to our interior OL.

DT - A’Shawn, Daniels and Meder are all free agents. I think the Lions will be overhauling their DT Group this offseason. My guess is that none of these players will be back. I’m expecting the Lions to be aggressive in FA to land a quality DT. I also think we will look to the draft early to add depth. I won’t be shocked if we go DT with one of our top draft picks.

LS - Don Muhlbach - I highly expect him to return.

P - Sam Martin - It appears the Lions are looking to get cheaper at punter.

S - Wilson and Killebrew - I think both could be back. I also think our new DC could look to add a few familiar faces he know and this is where I think he may look to do so.

CB - Melvin - I doubt he’s back and I suspect the Lions will be adding a few new bodies to our CB rotation. I expect us to be aggressive in FA at CB.

RB - JD McKissic - The Lions need a pass catching RB so it’s possible we will bring him back. However I think the Lions will look to upgrade. I wouldn’t be shocked if we target a more complete RB in FA or the draft.

TE - Logan Thomas - I suspect that Thomas is gone and that Nauta will duke it out with some cheap young depth for the final roster spot.

QB - Jeff Driskel - I think the Lions want to find a better back up QB option but I doubt we want to pay top dollar for one. I suspect we will continue to look for a cheap option.

So what do you think the Lions will do?

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Amendola, Aboushi, Wiggins, Muhl, Killerbrew, McKissic back.

Thomas may get a sneaky good offer and bolt, as I thought he played well last year, better than that $6m boat anchor James. Love to have him back.

Daniels might get another pillow contract offer from us, but like a Goodwill grandma throw pillow variety, not the premium deluxe Sleep Number Bed SnoreStopper AutoCooling NordicFoam pillow contract he got from us last year, which he immediately lit on fire…

They will pay up for a #2, and while it probably won’t be Robert Wagner, it could be Case Keenum, as they have to have a real insurance policy against Matty’s recurring but totally not chronic back issues. I highly reccomend adding Heather Graham as a backup to Kelly, as she could step right into the salty sorority blonde role…

So, now after the Austin Powers references, I really want to make a Fat Bastard joke…must be the evil clone in me.

You would think but I have a feeling we will go the cheap route at the backup QB position. Don’t be surprised if we add a late round draft pick to compete.

Maybe it is just me, but i think Glasgow is overrated.

It’s not just you. I think the Lions want to upgrade.


I believe every significant FA is likely to be reviewed after they get their idea of their own worth from other teams.
Glasgow is a perfect example. He is tough, consistant and average. He is seeking for a team who will pay the most. I am thinking he is one of the guys who will say, team x will pay this, will you? I think they will tank them all on the OL and bring in the Patriot right guard (Joe Thuney), bring Benschawel up and draft a guy 4th round plus like Bredeson or the Ohio State guy (Jonah Jackson) vI’ll get you those names, later.
Melvin may be gone, probably ASAP, middling production from Melvin vs. higher salary.
Hall may be back but Kearse and Amendola, no way. The Lions will bring in maybe KJ Hill or Denzel Mims.
Logan Thomas, again, production vs. salary, no way.
Muhl fan here, but he may be gone.
Punter’s are a dime a dozen. Martin is history. We can get a punter for next to nothing or invest a sixth in the best college player available.
McKissick played a dynamic role but I see it as a replaceable one. I think our OC likes him.

Bringing Tavon Wilson back is a no brainer. He is the Lions best safety and was probably their best d player last year. They’ll also bring back Mciissic and Wiggins.

It’s not. I took a little bit of heat at the end of the season for identifying him as someone we would want to upgrade.

As for our free agents…
Muhl, Thomas, Wiggins, McKissic, Driskel and Wilson are the ones most likely to return, IMO.

Here is who I would keep:

WR - If Danny A wants to come back on a cheap one year deal, fine but if he wants a bump, move on. Stafford/Bevell can make any decent slot guy look good.

OL - Keep Glasgow. He’s versatile and I do think you can get him to take a bit of a hometown deal, even at this point. I can’t pay the guy top 5 money or anything like that, so if that is what he needs, then move on. I know many will disagree, but I’d be fine paying GG and adding a guy like Thuney and R.Clark at RT dumping Wagner to offset. I know it’s expensive, but Thuney could settle in at RG and GG can backup all three interior spots and start at LG primarily.

DT - Blow it up. We’ll need Shelton and Billings in FA to replace Harrison and A’Shawn. Then draft Brown or Kinlaw in the draft to take Daniels spot at 3t and be able to move to 5t in a 3 man front.

LS - Don Muhlbach - Keep him.

P - Sam Martin - Move on unless he wants to take a paycut. We probably need to get a guy who can kick off as Martin did as I think we try to save Prater from that duty.

S - Wilson and Killebrew - I definately keep Wilson, he played well for us, is aggressive against the run, and gives us some experience on the back end. Killebrew I replace in the draft as there are several small fast LB/SS types. I’d also like to bring in Karl Joseph to add to the mix as we run plenty of 3 Safety sets and I’d rather keep Harris as the first guy off the bench if there is an injury than trotting him out as a starter.

CB - Melvin - Gone. Move AO up and draft a guy to compete with him for the #2 spot. Slay/Okudah/AO/Coleman looks good to me.

RB - JD McKissic - Move on as I’m snagging D’Andre Swift in the 2nd round. KeJo/Swift/Bo/TyJo works plus a FB.

TE - Logan Thomas - I think James just costs too much to move on from, but I’d rather have Thomas than him if we just want to bite the bullet. We still have room for Thomas and Nauta who we should continue to groom as he can play H back as well.

QB - Jeff Driskel - I’m sure I’m in the minority, but I’d be fine resigning him. He’s been learning the offense has good mobility, good size, good arm and I think he looked better than Blough.

I’d love to get Swift in round two but I think the odds are he’s gone by then. I hope your right.

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He can’t stay healthy and is absolute trash. You truly are obsessed with the Lions being garbage at QB. You are one of the very few posters on here who would actually do worse than Quinn.

Nobody in the list to keep . Carr might go to Chicago to reunite with Khalil Mack

By the way … I didn’t say that. I’m curious why you misquoted it and which of us two you are speaking too?

3rd. Must’ve messed up the quote feature. Relax.

Just giving you a hard time … I’m relaxed… lol

funny how you always chime in immediately after Iggy? Almost as if he can’t type on 2 accounts at the same time. :thinking:

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Whatever Mr. trade Stafford for a QB that’s been unemployed for years now STRAIGHT UP!

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