Lions 2019 Opponents


I’ll be going. I live in the burbs north of Denver. I went to the 2011 game, which was the first NFL regular season game I ever went to.

Good times.


But… John Houseman voice… it just doesn’t work with “Brown”.

Sadly, the Burnsley (pronounced Berrrrnslay) is closed.

Seriously though, I’d be more inclined to stay near/at Table Mountain (unless the drive is just too long).


There is light rail out of Golden too, so you would be fine.


Same here. Would love to fly into Denver but taking the kids to see their great grandmother in Japan. That’s going to be very expensive. Would love to go to Arizona again to to see some good friends. Oh well, maybe next year.


Congrats, Weaselpuppy. It’s better to be proud than rich.


Beer lovers city. Between Denver and Portland they compete as the beer capital of the United States.


Right, more micro brews per capita. You can walk or Uber real close and tour many.


Just to rep my city…USA Today voted GR best beer city last year and we finished 2nd this year :beers:


Yeah, Michigan’s sunset coast has some pretty fantastic micro brews, top to bottom!


6-2 at home, 5-3 on the road


If it’s early October I’ll be in Denver anyway got GABF. Maybe I can get two birds stoned with one beer


That doesn’t sound like beer…


Check out all of the breweries.


I’ll be repping two breweries


Nice, which ones? I will stop by.


Im founder of Culmination in Oregon and Im partnered with Mountains Walking in Montana.


Option 1: Trip to Denver to watch the game…

Option 2: Upgrade to the 75" TV I saw on sale at Walmart for less than flight/hotel/tickets to Denver and watch all the games at home.


You can use the TV for other things afterwards AND no plane ride after a loss if you watch on TV.


Memories are rarely made sitting on your couch.


I’m old and my memory bank is full. Every time I learn something new I lose a childhood memory :slight_smile: