Lions 2020 Schedule release pushed back until May

The Lions announced this today.

The Lions 2020 opponents have been set based on the 2019 season results. Soon we will have the full schedule and details for the 2020 season. The full 2020 NFL Schedule, typically released in mid-April, has been pushed back and is expected to be released in early May, according to multiple news reports.

Also their draft party was canceled (no surprise)

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Yes, pushing everything back a month will let this pandemic thingy clear right up.

You have to think that the only reason they would do this is because of the optics. Could there be any other reason that I’m missing?

So if the optics is the driving factor behind this I could see them ultimately making the same decision with the draft.

I really hope not. But can see the reasoning if they do.

Postponing the draft would be the only socially responsible thing to do. 40 of those shithead college kids who went to spring break in Florida have tested positive for COVID-19. Most of the country is going to take at least a nibble of this particular scat sandwich. The NFL needs to accept that they aren’t that special.

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Usually the owners meeting is just before the schedule is released. They adjust and vote on it at that time. I assume the owners meeting was postponed and that’s why.

My understanding is everything is going to be done remotely. No groups of people. If that’s the case than why not? However I do not see how they can really pull this off responsibly.

So I’m expecting it to get postponed. I think when they made that decision the data and facts were far different than reality.


Interesting. I had no idea the owners voted on the schedule.

They have a committee that makes it. It then goes to the owners meeting for final approval where slight adjustments are always made.

The information has gotten much worse over the last few weeks, unfortunately. We will see about the season itself. I don’t want players and fans to put themselves at risk.

There will be a season or there won’t be a country… If anyone hinks Americans will sit in lock down through the fall, they’ve got another thing coming

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Did you see the heat map that showed where the most flights from spring breakers were? New York and Michigan were lit up.

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That makes sense. Not that they went, which was stupid, but that many of them came from colder climates.


Trump is having a conference call with all the major sports leagues today.