Lions Activate Austin Bryant

Looking forward to seeing him play.


me too. I am super hopeful that he will turn into another (HEALTHY) hand-tyoe player…

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Me three. Can’t expect too much from a rookie in his 1st NFL game, whenever he plays in it. I don’t think we’ll really know how good he can be until next year, maybe. Good to see him activated though.




I’m definitely ready myself, but with Flowers out, this DL is capital H Hurting.

I’m really excited that we have that dude. hoping he surprises!

Looking forward to see what this kid can do.

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Don’t even really care, to be honest.
I doubt if he’s in game shape anyways, probably just be a body.

Guarantee he’s not in game shape. I saw someone else post that the operation he has is a year-long recovery, for most. While I would love it, if they could figure out what we have in him, this year…I have my doubts.

Would be nice if he worked out to be a nice piece, and we didn’t have to acquire a DE in the offseason. (would likely require both he and Hand coming around to a place where we could trust their health).

Tons of question marks.

Well at least he can’t get any less pressure on the quarterback then we’re currently getting.

Maybe he doesn’t suck. Would be quite the boon to have a capable edge that we weren’t expecting going into an offseason with a ton of holes to fill has him listed at 6’6" 261
At Clemson, 6’4" 270 has him at 6’6", 280.

I’m not sure what size we are going to get at game day. I believe he’s been practicing for about 3 weeks.


Uses length as a weapon
Long-strider with ability to eat up turf in upfield rush
Stabs and separates to prevent being punched
Alters approach speed as rusher to create uncertainty
Corners the edge with decent ankle flexion
Flattens with plus burst to quarterback
Extended motor and plays until he hears a whistle
Traits and athleticism are built for twisting scheme
Knifes into alleys to disrupt zone-blocking schemes
Fights back against early adversity in the rep
Good use of hands to pry away from blocks and make tackles
Length and pursuit speed to track and tackle on perimeter


Leggy, high-cut frame lacks body control
Balance and coordination are below average
Slow snap response and play diagnosis
Allows linemen to cross his face and reach him
Inconsistent bend with poor contact balance
Washes out of run fits and widens out of gaps
Play strength must improve to become a starter
Excessive forward lean leads to imbalance as rusher
Plays too tall to convert speed to power consistently
Basic rush play with ineffective counters Face-up rusher who needs a wider approach angle


Love the wording where the strengths contradicts that of the weaknesses.

He’s got an extended motor, length and pursuit but slow snap response, balance and coordination are below average.