Lions also worked out Bo Scarborough today

Per Tom pelissero on Twitter.

They also worked out 2 tight ends today one being Richard Rodgers of the infamous Hail Mary.

No knows Bevel from Seattle as well…

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So, how did Scarborough fair?


Why didn’t we trade for a rb??? Instead of trying to get one of the streets.

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They did try, but were outbid or the asking price was too high. I think it would be kinda dumb to spend a king’s ransom on an RB that won’t be here next year. Most of the available RBs weren’t all that shit-hot anyway. I doubt there were any guys out there would crack 4 yds/carry behind this OL.

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I would love to give Bo a chance. The idea that he’s struggling to make a roster while frickin Dwayne Washington stays on one is mind boggling to me.


I get it, but these guys aren’t going to help us at all.

I would-have liked Nick Chubb, he’s doing ok for himself and I can’t imagine the damage he and KJ could do as a pair of backs here.


We wouldn’t have drafted both Chubb AND KJ

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I would too. The issue with Bo is the same one with Derrick Henry. If you can limit penetration they can be absolute beasts. If defenders get shots at them before they get momentum they’re quite ineffective. Their body types don’t allow for much agility when at or near a standstill

I’m not sure, but I heard he came with an entourage.
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme.

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I dont like to speculate on how a kid like that is going to translate into the NFL game…with that kind of potential upside I want to see it in action. The fact that no team is even willing to give him a shot to see what he can do is absolutely baffling to me. Theres simply too much talent there for several teams (including us) to be over thinking the situation. Put him out there and see what he can do, then move on if you dont like him.


We know that we at least tried for Devonta Freeman, but he had knee injury issues and wasn’t very productive this year, so what do you give up for him? It’s all about the compensation and Quinn has the discipline (thank heavens) to fold em when the price gets too steep. When you start asking the questions are we a SB team right now? Or will this one player make us one? If the answer is clearly no (sorry which it is) then you have to be careful what you invest with your future resources.

Jalen Ramsey is a great player but what the Rams gave up was insane. Two firsts and a second. Are they a SB team? Could be, but they are currently 3rd place in their Division and just lost to Seattle. Its a big risk and they have lost their chance to draft 3 could be very good players over the next two offseasons.

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I think most on here understand value versus compensation. There’s been endless debate about a variety of players and proper compensation. Some may lean more one way than the other, but I think most generally fall within reason when talking compensation for any particular player.

Can you honestly say that Drake wasn’t worth throwing a 5th round pick at? With our current RB situation, needing to maintain at least the threat of a running game, and the schedule ahead of us?

I appreciate Quinn’s discipline as well in some instances, but in many instances see him as overly cautious.

At the end of the day, I believe that Quinn’s approach will never have us too low, or too high. We’ll be right in the middle. He will never be able to nickel and dime us to the Super Bowl.

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According to John Clayton of ESPN 710 Seattle, they also expressed interest in Rashaad penny but Seattle wanted a second round pick for him so nothing came of it.

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I agree. If you block them up he can be very productive. I’m just not sure that we can

Peaked at #5 on 4.20.1968

The lyrics are about a man trying to attain his true love. In Medieval times, the herbs mentioned in the song represented virtues that were important to the lyrics . Parsley was comfort, sage was strength, rosemary was love, and thyme was courage. … This song is often listed as " Scarborough Fair /Canticle


Lions never had a shot at Chubb.

Agreed. Unless of course they would have chosen Chubb in the first round instead of Ragnow. If that had occurred then ragnow would be on some other team now (Bengals with next pick) and created a domino effect of who got drafted where Etc.