Lions among 11 teams to attend Kaepernick Sat workout

The NFL has arranged a private workout for Kaepernick that all 32 teams are welcome to attend.

The NFL confirmed that 11 teams had said they would be at the workout: along with the Bucs, the Cardinals, the Falcons, the Browns, the Broncos, the Lions, the Dolphins, the Patriots, the Giants, the Jets and Washington.

Pro Football Talk said the 49ers, Cowboys and Seahawks also would be there.

Probably just doing due diligence.

Hopefully, this one doesn’t get political and shut down.

Put up or shut up time, Kaep. Either make it or go away.

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I suppose that stylistically, he’d fit Bevell’s style of offense, which has made good use of a QB’s mobility. However,Kaepernick has been a 59-60% passer for most of his career, which is below average in the passing dominated league.

No issue taking a peek. I thought the whole thing was overblown to begin with. However, if Kaep turns this into a circus and starts spewing out a bunch of nonsense, then this should be the last moment of attention he ever gets.

If he truly wants to play again, then show them what you got. If you happen to get contracts offered, sign one and earn your playing time. If you are asked to hold a clipboard, hold a clipboard.

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I’ll second that we need to keep politics out of this.

Signing him now would be a move for next year. He’s going to need time before he can realistically backup Stafford, since he hasn’t played in 3 years. Keeping that in mind, if he looks good I would consider signing him. We haven’t had a good #2 QB since Shaun Hill.

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I don’t see the point in having Kap when we’ve got Driskel

Remember, Kap is older than Stafford


Fixed it for you.

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Kap is too old. I’d rather roll with Driskel who at least has some potential upside. It’s time to start looking at the future of Lions QB.
If Kap was 3-4 years younger, I’d be all over signing him.

My guess is that, the staff still plans on trying to win games the rest of the year. Driskel is a bad back up at best. He doesn’t have a back up for himself, should Stafford be shut down for the year.

Worst case is we get a cheap back up to Driskel for the rest of the year.
Best case is we get a look at an option for back up next year and/or if CK shows he can still play, we can flip him in the offseason.

Not sure why 32 seems old to you. Half the starters in the league are older than that and have a lot more mileage on them than CK. Even most of the younger QBs have more mileage on them.

Do we really know that Driskel is a bad backup? I would like to see how he fares against the Cowboys before declaring that opinion. I mean the guy has started in 6 or 7 games in his career, mostly with the god awful Bengals and one game with the Lions in which he woke up on gameday and didn’t know he would be the starter.

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Kap is a 32 year old running QB who’s been out of the league for several years. I don’t see the point in bringing him in when we’ve got a young Driskel on the roster. There’s no future with Kap and we don’t even know if there’s a present. What we do know is the last time he played he lost his job to Blaine Gabbert.

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I’m gonna go with the fact that he’s going to be 27 in the offseason, has a career 1-5 record and the rest of the league wants nothing to do with him. Call me crazy, but the Lions don’t get the benefit of the doubt when it comes to being ahead of the rest of the league on things like this.

He is older than Stafford , was the least accurate QB in the NFL his last 2 seasons , his only success came in the RO Offense with Haurbaugh , he never could make NFL caliber progressions or reads. This team we have does not have the dominate Defense needed in order to allow Kap to manage a game, he is talent restricted in the arm dept & to win it via his arm …would be a shit show.
Now take all of that & add 3 years of age and not playing and the baggage and circus he would bring & what makes anyone think that this media attention would be anything close to what Patricia would want to face week in week out ?
From a measurables stand point he offers nothing over Driskell , Driskell has near the same athletic ability (Probably better now ) , has a stronger arm , is like 6 or 7 years younger and will be probably 10 times cheaper .

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I agree with most of this except for the arm strength part. Kap had one of the strongest arms in the NFL, and I doubt he’s lost much since then. He had an absolute cannon. He pitched in baseball and could hit the 90 mph range.

Arm strength & arm strength that can deliver a football are two different things …drop back and heave it okay Kap has a cannon , but to deliver a ball to a receiver that is not 10 ft right or left or high or in the ground and Kap can’t get it done , his functional QB arm is weak.

So you don’t think 32 is old, but you think 27 is?

Is Driskel a starter in this league, probably not, but has he really been given a chance? He started for a garbage team in the Bengals when the Red Rocket went down and injuries mounted up. It was his 3rd seasons backing Dalton up. Guess I just would rather see what we have in Driskel with a week of practice with the number ones than just throw him under the bus and think some dude who hasn’t played a snap in 3 years and is 5 years older would be better.

Arm strength and arm accuracy are different things, I agree. But you said Driskel had a stronger arm, and I highly disagree because Kap has/had a damn near Mahomes level arm strength.

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My sentiments as well.

Conspiracy theory warning:
The NFL has the Lions sign Kaep, put Stafford on IR, and Caep plays out the season.
NFL treats the Lions as bad or worse than usual and nobody notices or cares.
Lions cut Caep in the off season because he couldn’t win a game and is washed up and beat up behind our line. (all while Martha receives large chunk of cash under the table from Roger)
Proof of no collusion by the NFL
Maybe the Lions have a huge turnaround and get a playoff game next year.


Agreed Kap could deliver a ball on a rope 50 yds if he is firing a bullet pass to a streaking WR …The arm strength on such a pass impressive but that arm strength was not available to him if he needed to thread a needle , or hit an out route with accuracy , his mechanics were shit , arm angles horrible and he suffered dead arm because of it …On a radar gun he was one of the best, functionally that was not case and it did not translate to the field with catchable passes .
Hence having to dial down his arm strength in order to be remotely accurate makes his cannon during a radar gun test irrelevant

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