Lions announce Darrell Bevell as OC


Interesting choice, did win a SB as Seattle’s OC.

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Unbearable harpy is more of a innate ability than vocation, true…



Very surprising but he fits the philosophy of running to setup the pass. Most of Wilson’s early success was predicated off of playaction. Stafford is no Wilson with his legs so he’s either going to modify his offense or maybe this is a sign the Lions might draft a QB that has mobility to move the pocket.


Don’t know that the Lions would’ve got anybody better had they waited. Seems to like being unpredictable, so that’s good, and he’s big on being able to run the ball and also throw it at will. So, per usual let’s see what the guy can do, at least he ain’t no rookie.


I’m definitely okay with this hire, he runs a “run to set up the pass” offense that will take shots against 8 man boxes and will allow the recover to go make a play. But, he’s also shown a west coast style offense of short to intermediate passes. He’s also used to working with a running game coordinator (Tom Cable) so he and Jeff Davidson will be “co-coordinaters” when it comes to designing the offense IMO. This seems like a hire that will mesh well with Patricia’s vision for the team.


Cable ended up sabotaging half of his efforts most times. I’m glad we’ve showed offensive line growth, at least with the running game.


Most offensive line coaches are the “run game coordinators.”


Time to draft a pounding RB.

"Bevell joined the Seahawks as offensive coordinator in 2010, and after fielding the NFL’s 21st-ranked rushing attack in his first season calling plays, Seattle had a top-four rushing offense the next four seasons and played in two Super Bowls.

The Seahawks, of course, leaned on Marshawn Lynch for much of Bevell’s time with the team. Lynch, like Peterson one of the most dominant running backs of this generation, had four seasons with more than 1,200 yards rushing and double-digit touchdowns in his six seasons in Seattle.

The Lions don’t have a Peterson or Lynch in their backfield, but they do have a promising young back in Johnson."





I certainly hope we don’t go into next year with Kerryon as the bell cow. I’d be in full favor of drafting a pounder to compliment him.


pdono, thanks for that series of tweets…

Adrian, if Blount this year was the same player he was the year before, we’d have our complimentary RB. But, he wasn’t, so I’m with pdiddy that we’re gonna have to draft one. At the very least, stock up on UDFAs.


Thinking out loud…
Connor Cook was pretty good at State. Matt might just have someone to push him?
I thought Cook was better at State than Cousins.


I thought Cook and Cousins both sucked. That does not preclude improvement but Cook will not push Stafford. He hasn’t even proven he can be a back-up in this league. Drafting some QB talent will always be on the agenda but serious draft capital will not be accorded a selection like Murray, jmo, Then, they have commodities like Garrapolo, Cassel and Ryan Mallet if not the franchise, a player who might be an answer for an injured QB,


Let me guess, you’re a Michigan fan?:rofl:


You bet. Check this out. This is good. Patricia speaking at a coaches clinic at ND. Talking about the defense he ran against Bevell in that SB goal line play.
There are two videos to watch.


I watched them as he tweeted them last year :slight_smile:


I love how one play can define a career for a coach. Despite the fact that he did win a Superbowl and his QB made a stupid play. I just hope this doesn’t end poorly since I think a majority of Lions fans are probably not impressed.