Lions announce Darrell Bevell as OC

  1. Matthew Stafford is not going anywhere for at least 2 more years, and probably 3, some might not like it but the guy is just too expensive to move. They might draft a QB somewhere towards the latter part of day 3, but I’ll be royally pissed if they use a pick on a QB earlier than the 5th round cuz they need too many other positions to be filled first. Sign a vet that knows Bevell and build your team’s depth elsewhere.

  2. Bevell is said to be very adaptable, he will roll with what we have and try to use his players to the best advantage. One wonders how big of a change will it be to his offense and how long it will take to execute it well.

  3. I would be totally shocked if the Lions don’t sign and/or draft a powerback to complement KeJo. Maybe both, depends on who’s there.

  4. Wonder what this means for Willson and Tate, might they return? Maybe in Willson’s case he’d do better under Bevell than he did under JBC. Tate might be too expensive, but you never know; the Lions sorely need a slot receiver and I don’t have a lot of faith in Powell or Ellington.

  5. Hope to God they keep Toilolo and Zenner.


Ingrahm, Beast Mode, Lat Murray, CJ Anderson, Mike Davis…all 215-225 free agents.


None of those names particularly excite me. Maybe Ingram and he’s 30 next year.


Id take a 1 yr flyer on Beast Mode if there isn’t better in rd 4 or later Wagner and Bevell he knows…


CJ Anderson wasn’t exciting anyone 4 weeks ago, now? Well, he’s getting it done.


Has he confirmed he’d play somewhere else besides Oakland? I always thought his return was more to play there more than anything else.


Balance and drafting another RB.


LOL Lions 2011…Yeah, we weren’t one dimensional or anything


2012 we set a record for the most pass attempts in a single season. Still stands.

2011 was 5th for a while, but has since dropped to 8th.

I always bring this up when there was crying about how we haven’t had a 100 yd rusher in (blah blah) years… We never give it to a guy enough. Even when we did have a rare game with more than 20 attempts, it was split between backs.

In 2014 we had 159 targets to the top 3 backs for almost 900yds receiving. 396 carries to 169 targets.


He obviously has seen the same film many of us have. The issue isn’t and never has been mainly Stafford. It’s many things leading up to that decision point.
“We have to make sure we take care of the quarterback by protecting him. So at this point, to make big, bold statements, it’s a little bit early.”


I’d be more excited if he said he was watching tape of Antonio Brown



Caldwell’s whole strategy was to keep it close and let 9 try to win at the end. Worked more often than not too. Bunch of 9-7 ish seasons. Give him some time, a run game, a freaking OC, and let’s see what happens then.

Here’s to hoping firing JBC is the most important offseason move we made. LOL.


the 9-7 seasons came when the schedule was weaker.

The good season arguably wasn’t even Caldwell’s, but Schwartz’ team. Schwartz built up the defense to the point where it was dominant but wasn’t allowed to coach them that year.

I really wonder what 2014 looks like with Schwartz as coach. I think better.


I think the “keep it close” strategy was not his first choice. I think he chose it based on his personnel.

Take chances on offense = turnvover.

Take chances on defense = burned.

Thus, limit mistakes, taking the punt before taking the chance. Coin flip


Guarantee it was a personnel decision. And the best personnel on the roster is #9, and the best chance to win is with him.


Yes, a lot of fans have really short memories and can only recall the 2018 season.


I especially remember the 2013 season. Remember when we had a 7-5 record with 4 games to go? #9’s finest…


From 1966-2009 we tried at least 700 QBs! We drafted them high, we drafted them low, we traded for them, we sign them in FA, we em picked off the wavier wire, we’ve sign them off the street, we’ve tried retreads, cast offs, and players in their prime.

And then you have Matt…i can appreciate the frustration, especially, after last season…

…but, 1966-2009.

I’ d like to postpone the next round of that for as long as is reasonably possible.


It’s not as much Matt, but his price tag. You can’t give a 2nd tier QB (and I believe ANY QB) over 15% of the cap and reasonably expect to build a team around him that can win. You still need defense and supporting cast.

Even 2011, his best year, we didn’t beat any team over .500. We ran up points against bad teams with one hell of a stacked team. But not a great defense, so when we hit the playoffs, we got beat by a better gunslinger.

I love his big arm and he’s exciting SOMETIMES. But the dude hasn’t yet performed on a consistent basis and at this point it’s getting harder to believe that he will.

With the benefit of the rookie cap, it might be time to move on.


All good points, Angry. There’s certainly no argument with respect to his price tag.

I think he has a two year window left here in Det…unless of course someone makes Quinn a significant cant-turn- down type of trade offer…that’s probably unlikely though.