Lions are a comedy not a tragedy!

Thanks Guitargod, I was going to say that. Context is important. And if you consider the beaten-down main character of the Joker coming to terms with his life story, it makes all the difference.

I’ve seen the Joker movie. I’m soulless and beaten down, and have no issue laughing even if it comes at the Lions (or my) expense. This simply wasn’t funny to me. It seemed shoe horned, like “okay there’s this new Joker movie skit I wanna do, let’s slap this together real quick and get it out.”


Someone asked Stafford about his thoughts on this and he said something to the effect of “Nah, I’ll have to keep not watching it.”

It’s about time Stafford at least started running out of fucks to give.


The thing is Stafford looks good right now and I have a feeling that our offense is just scratching the service. Think about it … it’s a new offense. GB blames their offensive struggles on it being new… the Lions offense hasn’t really started to get rolling yet.

Looks like Kerryon Johnson took offense to it.

Warning it’s a Carlos Monnarez article. I don’t click on his work if I know it’s his. But this ones just quoting KJ.

If you don’t want to click on the link then here’s what KJ had to say.

“You know, I don’t watch that stuff often, but I work with Stafford every single day and I know Stafford’s not going to care,” Johnson said. “He probably hasn’t even seen it, would be my guess. He doesn’t watch any of that crap. But for me, it’s one thing to attack Detroit. Don’t care. But when you attack a specific person who’s been in this league the better part — he’s been one of the best since he came in the league. Kept his head down, all he cares about is trying to win, all he cares about is trying to be a good teammate. That’s why I had an issue with it, not that anybody cares that I have an issue with it.”

“But it’s not like he’s out here talking trash just being a (jerk) all the time. He’s out here doing his job every day. The only person they talk about in the video was him. That kind of bothered me. Like I said, I know he’s not going to say anything but I have no issue saying something. I have no issue with somebody getting mad at me saying something.”


I love to see that. Thanks for posting that, @Air2theThrown

I think it’s obvious Stafford has the respect of his teammates. They always come to his defense and if they don’t Kelly does?

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