Lions are closer to a SB than some think

I love the positive story …

Some will see it as Hope and a cool thing to build upon

Others will rip it apart simply because they refuse to have Hope and want to stay safe in the darkness!

19-0 baby until proven otherwise!! Ok


I really don’t know what to make of this positive outlook that Carlos has been spinning lately. And no, this does not make me thing that we are winning the super bowl next year. I look at it like, we could have/should have beaten the eventual super bowl winner. Football is a funny thing. We crush the pats and lose by 4 to the chiefs…the last two super bowl winners in their winning seasons…and we have won 7 other games in two years. Think this speaks more to that anyone can win 1 game on “Any Given Sunday”.


we have to put away the opponents we face and we have not shown that we can in prior seasons. The Lions are always losing games by a few points to a handful, losing because of one call or penalty , because three of our better players are injured, because of some call by our leaders OR Official. because we coast once we get a lead instead of just continuing to put the hammer down or no defensive strength…always something ! The Lions have yet to play like “LIONS” It is time we stepped on our opponents throats instead of playing weak. The team cannot be winded by halftime and come back out on the field with no energy or strength to finish the damn games STRONG…every game.
our players should be pushed hard in the offseason so when the regular season arrives it becomes an easier exercise TO play powerful ball to the final seconds of the game. LAST season , our strength and conditioning made a team of fragile-flake players that were always injured OR looked like they had no idea WHAT their responsibilities are/were , and they got embarrassed defensively.

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I guess Tampa is a bit farther north than Miami…

Who gave Carlos a suitcase full of X?


Unfortunately there’s 15 other games a year that we’re not even competitive in…but we almost beat the Superbowl winners, so I guess we have that going for us.


we get that defense to a mid level without regressing offensively THEN we can go to A bowl, yet I highly doubt before that.

When they had to, the Chiefs stopped the 49er offense. They pressured the QB and stopped the SF running attack. Until the Lions defense can do that consistently, they ain’t playoff quality. To me it starts up front with the pass rush, you just can’t win when the other QB has all day to go through his progressions. Twice. Sometimes three times.

If Stafford can stay healthy then this team can compete if given a fair chance by the refs. Health is a big deal though, it’s hard to beat good teams when you got guys playing who were signed off the street. Other thing is, what happens with Slay and Glasgow and can KeJo stay healthy or not.


I want to believe. I truly do. But this hard kick to the junk this franchise delivers each and every year… hard not to expect it anymore.

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If the Lions went on a roll this board would feel strange
Another win?
But coach is fat …
What do I complain about? :thinking:

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It’s been 27 years since we have won this division. There are only 3 other teams in this division. Usually 2 of those 3 teams are mediocre at best. Sometimes all of the other 3 teams are mediocre at best. Shouldn’t we worry about what it takes to actually compete in this tiny 4 team division before we even fathom being better than all other 31 teams in the league?

Jusssss sayin’


I’ve always said that there is a fine line between 10-6 and 6-10.

I also believe a team can go from last to first with one good offseason.

But … what separates the bottom feeders from the league elite is consistency. Consistency is achieved via good coaching and having a balanced team.

The lions have never really had a consistent run game. They change coaches too frequently and they are always turning over the roster.


I agree with the turnover comment.
Since Wayne Fontes this is the Lions Head coach list.
Bobby Ross 57 games in 4 years
Moeller. 7 games in less than 1 year
Mornhinweg. 32 games in 2 years
Mariucci. 43 games in 3 years
Jouron. 5 games in under 1 year
Marinelli. 48 games in 3 years
Schwartz. 80 games in 5 years
Caldwell. 64 games in 4 years
Patricia 32 games in 2 years
The only Head Coach with a winning record is Caldwell @ 36w 28L
And before him it’s Schmitdt back in '67 to '72
This team just needs to let the coach run it for more that 3 or 4 years. And THAT coach needs to show improvement after his 2nd or 3rd year, maybe his 5th year. Of course injuries make a difference. But this 2 or 3 year stuff is ridiculous.

That is telling. Now if you added coordinators, then the list would be staggering.