Lions at No. 7 overall and working their way up

Very sad when you look at the SOS… could be as high as 5 with a loss to Az. The really sad thing is I don’t see a W on the remainder of their schedule, at least an expected W…
Bears… already made Trubisky look like and All Star
@ Minny … don’t see it
Tampa … maybe depending on which version shows up
@Denver … playing against a rookie QB and we all know how that turns out
Packers … don’t see it

hello top 5 pick.

Awesome news. If we can get into the top 5 I will go ahead and book my playoff tickets for 2020.


I said this during the game thread.

Only Lions fans could lose faith in the NFL draft process because they know their franchise doesn’t know how to draft.


That’s funny. Where our doom used to be winning meaningless games at the end of the season and hosing our draft slot, now it’s the draft altogether. Draft day used to be the Lions superbowl and Quinn has even taken that away.


It gets even worse when you realize that even if we draft the best player available, we won’t surround him with enough talent and we’ll eventually waste their career (Stafford, Johnson, Sanders, etc.)

I can just imagine the dread a player must feel when they realize they’ve been drafted by the Lions.

And let this sink in…

…even if we did get the right players and even coaches, the NFL won’t let us win. If we were supposed to have a magical season like the Panthers had in 2015…going 15-1 and making it the Super Bowl…by the time the refs got done with us we’d end up around 10-6 and have a 1st round exit in the playoffs.


We’re mutual rays of sunshine this morning.

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Lions will stupidly bring Stafford back to try to save jobs. He will beat the Bucs and Broncos and they will be picking in the 10-14 range.

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I’d love to somehow get to #2 behind the Bengals. Let them take their QB and we can grab Chase Young. Too bad he’d drop into coverage instead of rushing the QB though in our current scheme.


I have hated the Quinn hiring from day 1. I had no idea how much I would truly hate it until he started drafting. He has literally picked the 1 guy I didn’t want in the 1st round 3 out of 4 years and that’s not even going into the 2nd round picks. Im at the point where it doesn’t even matter how high we pick, Quinn will destroy our draft regardless. He has to be fired this offseason before he ruins another draft that we have a high pick in.

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Now, they’ve even taken the excitement out of our “Super Bowl” (the draft).
I have absolutely zero confidence in this teams management, from the HC, up!
Bevell seems like the only one that actually knows how to do his job.

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Welcome to the forum, @Lionfan-onthe-ledge!

And I agree. Quinn has been awful. Time to hit the reset button.

Don’t forget he’s the one who called the timeout in Arizona and pulled his playmakers on 4th and goal for a pass to Logan Thomas.

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Got me, there. Good catch.
He’s also the one that decided to pass rather than run Beastmode from the 1 in the Super Bowl.

Truly, things are hopeless.