Lions attending DT Brown's proday

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Brown makes sense because they have such a need there. Not sure this is the best way to fill it though. He doesn’t have much time to rebound from his bad combine either.

That, and after Brown and Kinlaw there’s a major dropoff IMO.

I feel like if we could land a big sturdy NT in FA and somebody like Raekwon Davis in the 3rd, I’d be happy. I originally thought he’d never make it that far, but look at D. Hand. I think there is a shot.

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Marlon Davidson is also guy they are looking at early RD 2
He is another Hand only from other side.

The add a NT in FA an there are more than couple to pick from .
You play Hand an Davidson either side. That is a strong middle an then get speed on out side to hold edge an pressure.
Marlon Davidson Auburn 6-3 303 5.04/40 Hand is 6-3 297
I would be happy with Jeff Okudah at 3 an Davidson at 35. That is without trade down an getting NT in FA.


Nick Coe had a huge 2018 and didn’t follow it last season. Would be interested in his numbers, he had a 4.89 40, 6’5" 280.

I agree. The next tier is a considerable drop down. But there’s a few guys I like in the next group. It’s not the strongest DT class either. So I suspect we will target a DT in FA.

Brown has me a bit concerned to be honest. I’m not sold that he’s the top 5 level DT we normally see at the top of the draft.

He didn’t test well at the combine and this had me wondering if he’s a good fit for MP’s defense but when I looked at test results across the board I noticed they were down. Especially the 3 cone drill. So this gives me some comfort that maybe there was a reason.

When I watch this kid on film I like how disruptive he is and feel that he definitely could fill the Snacks role. Clearly the combine doesn’t match the film.

I suspect the Lions will work him out privately and test some of the agility concerns before making a decision on him.

We’ve seen Quinn go after position groups
Very easy to see him dumping a lot of resources on the DL this year
Essentially a “duh”

I hope there was an issue because the combine results were poor
Patricia likes versatility
If the poor 3 cone results are not mitigated by some other issue it’s easy to see Brown drop out of the top 10


I expect him to. I expect at least one FA signing at DT. Probably two.

Then I think he will target DT in the draft at least once. DL possibly twice.

I don’t know if he drops that far but I could see him fall out of the top 5.

Here’s a good write up on him and how his combine effects his draft stock. I’m just not sold on him. I think he has bust potential and when drafting top 5 I don’t think he’s an easy choice.

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The Lions are considering ALL players on offense and defense, this is what NFL teams do these days.

YOU might like Marlon Davidson but YOU have NO knowledge if THEY actually like him or not.

My guess would be that if Davidson is someone THEY like and he’s available at a pick that offers good value and there’s not a player that offers greater value, then they take him…but that’s obvious.

Why comment at all? Your take added nothing to the dialogue he was hoping to stimulate with regard to Davidson.

Coyote, I like Davidson a lot. I think he fits the mold of what Quinn looks for in a Lineman being versatile. Can play inside, outside, good at playing the run and has some pass rushing chops as well. It’s for that same reason I also like Agim and Strowbridge as later round possibilities.

Looking dumb, trying to make someone else look dumb. Poor showing.

So why did you respond at all then? Did you really add anything to the conversation?..I think not.
But whatever.

Coyote likes to speak in absolutes, like he’s tied-in to the Lions Front Office and knows more than the rest of us fans, he don’t. I’m just reminding him that anything can happen and they aren’t going to tell us what players they really do like or not.
One thing to note, Davidson did play at the Senior Bowl so if they really do like him, we’ll find out on draft day.

So did Neville Gallimore … I think Gallimore would be a great fit. He plays two gap well and would be a great compliment to a free agent NT.

If we trade down and acquire an extra second rounder then I see us taking a trench guy at some point.

Yeah, I think Gallimore has the speed to play outside or inside on any given down. He’s not a speed-rusher per se but he has some speed to get upfield and and can hold the edge…but is a little shorter than ya like to be outside.
Gallimore makes a little more sense than Davidson…but I think Coyote’s point was that Davidson was a 5-star highschool recruit that could be a steal like Hand was.

I don’t get that at all from his posts. He’s succinct in sharing where he’s at, but I don’t ever pick it up as anything other than a guy sharing his opinion. (like all of us)


I like Gallimore fine (though I think he’ll be overdrafted), but I don’t think he’s a two-gapper. If we drafted him I think it would be as a penetrator, a la Mike Daniels. If you’re asking him to 2-gap, you’re taking away the things he does best.