#Lions #Bears The Highest Scoring 4th Quarter in NFL History! (Bears vs. Lions Week 4, 2007)

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Seeing the lack of talent on that roster, I’m going to have nightmares.

The highlight was Casey FitzSimmons returning the onside kick for a game clinching TD.

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Ahh I remember being at this game. There was a guy from the old forum “crowdnoisewinschampionships”. That was the first time I had seats near him. That man would not stop cheering and yelling. Wish more fans were like him at the games now a days

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I vividly remember that game. I was young, and believed in this franchise. That game was a top 10 moment for me. I truly thought we had just hopped into the upper half of good teams. Things were on the upswing.
Then ‘08 happened.
Then the Calvin rule.
Then ‘12.
Then the Cowboys game.

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He was the one that stole our fantasy football money and bounced.

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Oh yes, I remember crowdnoise for his boundless optimism and boundless theft. I know some people on the old board were talking about tracking him down after he split.

That video was a trip down memory lane. A lot of the memories were suppressed, but at least they got a win. Kevin Jones, Devries, Hansen of course, Furrey, SRog, Mr. Meaningless First Down, KO Kennedy, False Start Foster, etc.

LOL - exactly. I have that too.

What you mean he stole the money? That’s nuts . He left the board and talking about the lions which he was passionate about over some money.

I was at this game!

I think we finished with 7 wins that year? I went to 2 of the games. Other one was home vs TB in October where CJ scored his lone rushing TD for his career…

I was so amped for 2008 that I splurged on season tickets!!!


Then I did it again for 2009 thinking Stafford and Schwartz, buckle up!!! (Even though I wanted Curry!)

And again 2 of the next 3 seasons even though I lived in middle TN… I think the 1 year I didn’t have them was 2011!!!

…I quit!

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