Lions Best Player Grades This Season From PFF

Lions best PFF player grades this season

  1. Trey Flowers (83.0)

  2. Stafford (82.4)

  3. Kenny Golladay (79.9)

  4. Taylor Decker (75.6)

  5. Frank Ragnow (74.9)

  6. Graham Glasgow (74.1)

  7. Tracy Walker (73.5)

  8. Tavon Wilson (71.8)

  9. Amani Oruwariye (71.4)

  10. Mike Daniels (71.0)

I have to admit that I’m a bit surprised by the grades of Decker & Glasgow. They were better than I thought.

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I only recall Decker having a few bad games when he had the back injury?

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I guess PFF was more impressed with Amani than Iggy was?


I forgot about the injury. I probably overreacted early in the season when we were more optimistic. He hasn’t been terrible but hasn’t performed up to his first round expectations either. I’d grade him average.

Yeah he’s been decent for a rookie DB. I think Slay was worse as a rookie.

I agree. He definitely made some mistakes but also made some exemplary plays

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It’s really hard to grade a Lions DB because the D-line was so bad at creating pressure.


How exactly do you assess a guy (Daniels) when he was rarely ever on the field?

I remember the injury. I also remember, whenever I watched a game, hearing: “Holding. Number 65”. I’d say Decker’s average.

According to this article “DT Mike Daniels (71.0) Daniels and Oruwariye each barely passed the 200-snap threshold.”

I heard that a lot too. However having said that, number 65 is Tyrell Crosby not Decker. So not sure if you were confused and thought 65 was Decker as your post appears to indicate or that you typoed and meant to type in 68 which is Decker’s uniform number.

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He also had 8 holding penalties called against him this year.

Of those holding penalties, they all happened in 6 different games. Which of course means he had 10 games played where he had no holding penalties.

He had a total of 11 penalties this year. Those penalties happened in 7 different games. Which of course means he had 9 games where he committed no penalties at all.

4 of those 11 penalties were in the first game against the Cardinals. Which of course means, he committed 7 penalties in the rest of the 15 games he played in.

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I was just researching the same on NFL penalties. Com. According to that site he actually only had six offensive holding penalties and nine total all year.

however, obviously I can’t attest to the accuracy of that site or if it includes every single game or possibly is behind in the data

I have this theory on Decker. When he gets beat it in pass pro he gets absolutely demolished. Like sometimes doesn’t even get a hand on the guy. Therefore us casual fans conflate how bad his mistakes are with the frequency of those mistakes. The reality is that he’s a serviceable NFL LT and that’s nothing to sneeze at.


LOL, yeah, same site I was looking at.

The Penalty Log and the Penalty Count tables conflict against each other.

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Kenny with all The Den punching bags at the top of list

My theory on OLine in general is that when you get beat you look really bad but if you do a great job 90% of the time nobody notices

So all anybody remembers is your bad plays even if they are only 5% of the snaps you play

Sure. For instance that outside and under move by Z. Smith last Sunday. I think Decker barely even touched him. It was almost like an ankle breaking crossover in basketball. That kind of stuff happens to him every couple games. I think it’s Bc he’s that tall but wasn’t blessed with Ogden/Thomas level feet. I think he has to get pretty high in order to use the length and wingspan to defeat the speed rush. However when he does so he’s vulnerable to a twitchier guy’s counter move.

Overall though I would forego Thomas and keep going with Decker. I think a game wrecker on defense helps this team much more than improving at LT

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Me too. I don’t think Decker is near as bad as people here think and that our DL needs the help way more than we need a OT at the top of the draft

I do think the Ohio St CB or DL has to be the pick. Quinn is going to be looking for instant impact guys that can make a huge difference to the team. I think that means D players in the first couple rounds

Move down to 5 to take Okudah is probably my second favorite scenario. My dream scenario is trade down to 7-9 and take Simmons it available. I truly believe he changes the defense next year more than any other defender. You put a long 4.45(?) playmaker in our linebacking crew and we’re a vastly different defense.

From a standpoint of roster management standpoint Okudah makes a ton of sense though and he’s clearly elite IMO.