Lions-Chargers draft swap - new twist

It’s common practice for teams to overpay when a highly sought QB is available. It’s happened in the past & will surely happen in the future. Let’s speculate & take that thought a step further. If the Chargers, who many speculate are weighing a move up, say to #3, to ensure they acquire Tua, what could be the price? It would obviously be their #6 plus a sweetener that would leap frog Miami’s draft capital advantage.
Would an trade offer involving the #6 & Joey Bosa be within the realm of a possibility? It certainly is a moon shot, but the Chargers need to arouse a dormant fan base. The acquisition of such a highly sought talent, in an area of great need, may just do the trick. For the Lions it fills their biggest need while allowing them to select another impact player at #6. Well, one can certainly fantasize.

Well count me in, don’t believe it, but would definitely be all in on that trade.

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Hell I would consider trading #3 for Bosa


I would definitely trade #3 for Bosa. He is elite and what we would want in a #3 pick. No real gamble taken on someone unproven.

Lol not a chance the Chargers would give up Bosa.

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This type of proposal is like the one I made with McCafferty. These teams have no ability to compete with Miami in terms of picks, so they need to get creative to get the QB they want. SD, Carolina, Indy, Jax, etc… need to offer something that Detroit would value more than picks:

Carolina trades McCafferty & #7 for #3
SD Trades Ingram/Bosa & #6 for #3
Jaxsonville trades #9 & Josh Allen/Dareus for #3

These types of trades rarely happen, but if you want to get your QB and you believe he will be special it makes sense. All three might be preferable to picks that may or may not turn out!