Lions Coach Senior Bowl North Roster

Rosters are starting to trickle out.

Glad they get a really good look at Pittman and especially Quartney Davis.

Looks like they got the short end of the stick with the QBs. Getting a look at Jordan Love will be nice though.


Good grief, you ain’t lying there.

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No kidding! I have never seen anything from Patterson that tells me he can play in the NFL…


Lions got the short end of the stick there.

Patterson’s NFL prospects:

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Sadly, I agree. When we played Alabama, I felt like our coaches did well. They put the athletes in position to win. Patterson missed on at least 5 or 6 deep balls that were there, in man to man coverage. If he could make that throw, Alabama would have had 2 options 1. Adjust or 2. Lose. That’s how often it was there. All of them would have ranged between huge plays and points. It wasn’t the DB doing a good job, or the MI WR not making a play…it was Patterson’s inability to get it there. Also, all but one of these passes was toward the sideline. I could tell they did it that way to avoid interception on a floater and/or under throw.

Patterson isn’t even an NFL backup. He’d make Driskel look like Joe Montana.


Agreed. He’s the main reason why Michigan struggles to win the big games. I do not see UofM ever competing for the big ten title without a top shelf QB. I doubt Patterson even gets drafted.


Patterson is/was a joke.

Yet another one that “The QB Whisperer” couldn’t develope.

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I truly think Harbaugh had the right plan, but the arm talent just isn’t there. You guys may be right though - Harbaugh is arrogant, and may have thought he could have gotten Patterson somewhere, causing him not to spend the required energy on QB recruitment.

MI needs to recruit better, IMO.

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I do not think Patterson has the talent required. I doubt anyone could have won more with him at QB. He’s the weak link.

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I agree but that’s easier said than done.

Not many NFL QB’s have come out of the Big Ten. So the big ten is at a disadvantage.

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No offense but it isn’t recruiting, it’s coaching. If I were an OL, TE, DL, I would take Iowa over Michigan in a heartbeat because my chances of going pro would increase exponentially. I have seen Ferentz take a HS QB and turn him into an NFL OL, his name is Ike Boettger. The kid had NO scholarship offers after he graduated, none, even after going 9-2 with the 2 loses being to the eventual state champion. I was helping his dad work on one of his rental properties and he was lamenting how he would pay for Ike’s college.

Long story short a guy he played with told him he could get him a tryout at Iowa as a TE. He took him up on it and at the try out he was thrown 23 passes and caught 22 with one being uncatchable. Ferentz offered him a scholarship on the spot, but he would have to wait until his sophomore year because he had nothing available. Well, son of a pastor he had no bad habits, did everything they told him to do and by the end of his sophomore year they had moved him to second team LT. When Scherrf went down he was first man up, played well, and was eventually a starter but was hurt his senior year and went undrafted. Currently is on the Bills and played against us in preseason when Spain went down.

Real success comes when you make a 4 or 5 star out of a 1 star or no star. With Harbaugh how many players would succeed anywhere?

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I may have to bet on the Senior Bowl.

The North is gonna get trucked.

By this logic, Iowa’s coach could coach our DBs to chase Jeudy all over the field and neutralize him. Zero % chance of that happening. Just like there’ s a 0% chance he could coach Patterson to throw those deep balls. Not going to happen.

I do agree that there is absolutely some truth in the middle. The big uglies are a different animal. Once you get to a point where they can all leg press a Volkswagen and run a 4.5, coaching becomes a bigger deal.
In the pros, coaching is HUGE. Look at what a difference Bevell made.

That said, while working on my masters at CMU, I took an elective course “Philosophy of Football,” with Brian Kelly. He told us, at the collegiate level, recruiting is 10x more important than coaching. He said, they recruit most of their speed guys from the south, especially FL and TX, and got their trench players from the Midwest.

Iowa’s current coach’s record vs Big 10
Ohio State- 2-8 20%
Michigan state- 7-8 46.6%
Penn State- 8-6 57%
Michigan- 7-5 58%
Maryland 1-1 50%
Indiana- 9-5 64%
Rutgers- 1-0 100%
Wisconsin 7-11 38.8%
Northwestern- 8-9 47%
Illinois- 9-3 75%
Purdue- 10-5 66.6%
Minnesota- 14-6 70%
Nebraska- 4-5 44.4%

Looks sort of all over the place, with some lesser teams beating his ass, while he’s doing well against other teams. To me, Position matters, on how easy it is/isn’t to coach someone up. I feel TEs, and trench players can be coached up more easily, to a point.

At the pro level, a massive % of them (damn near all) possess the skill set to be successful. The biggest difference is between the ears.

At collegiate level, you can’t train someone to block Brown 1 on 1. You can’t coach someone to stick in Jeudy’s pocket. Massive talent discrepancies happen all over the field, in college football. Mismatches are bigger, for the most part, than in the pros, because there are so many teams and so many places they can go. Win NFL, there are only 32 potential places they can land.

Coaching is big. Culture is big. Who the athlete is as a human is huge. IMO, the biggest deal at the NCAA level, is recruiting. How many guys will get drafted from Clemson? Alabama? Iowa? MSU? How much is that directly proportionate to the team’s record? How much of the fact that they went pro dependent upon teaching of technique vs the fact that the guy can outrun a jaguar?

No coach can coach the middle school team to beat the varsity team. That’s probably the best analogy I can use to make my point.

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Oh man, big swing and a miss with re to what I said. And what “lesser” teams have been “beating” his ass? And if Brian Kelly is correct, then Iowa should have zero success. Go look at how many 5 star recruits Iowa has had…ever. In the last 10 years, 1, and he’ll go in the first round this year. Michigan is currently 17th out of 25 from 2007 to 2016 with percentage of blue chip recruits in the NFL. Final ranking for 2019 AP Top 25, Iowa is #15 and Michigan is #18, how can that be?


I still see college as a very different beast than the NFL. In college, you control everything. You get to pick your players (recruiting). You can form a plan of what kind of team you want to be (coaching). You get to execute said plan, and see what happens. If you are a saavy football guy, you can go out and recruit those diamonds in the rough. If you know what to look for, you can take a 3 star guy, plug him into your system and get 5 star results.

This is a big reason why I do not like the idea of bringing college coaches directly to HC in the NFL. In the NFL, every player is extremely talented. Which means, coaching is paramount. You do NOT get to pick your players. You have to win with guys your GM selects. Your GM is not going to pick a team based strictly on the most talent. You have to find guys who fit what you do, with the price you can pay, and who are getting paid so you dont necessarily get full effort. In college, players play their ass off because they are 1 step from the big show, and if Im on a bad team, I can still shine and get drafted. In the NFL, there is no more room for advancement. This is why so many bright college players burn out when hitting the NFL, and become paycheck players. Its up to the coaches to identify talent from certain players, and try to come up with a way to win with them.

Nick Saban is obviously a college coaching legend. He tried his hand in the NFL, and hated it. He left early. Saban said he didnt like not being able to pick his own guys and having to juggle a salary cap. Saban likes starting from scratch, then building a juggernaut that stays a juggernaut because winning begets more recruits, which begets more winning. In the NFL, you coach a guy up, develop him for 3 years and he leaves for a paycheck from another team. If you are lucky, you maybe get an iffy draft pick as compensation. You also had better produce results in 2-3 seasons, MAX. By then, guys are already looking at your replacements.

I am very curious to see how Matt Rhule does in Carolina. I think the guy is an outstanding college coach, but I think he will fail in the NFL. Maybe he wont, and he will be a Pete Carroll. I just dont see it. I think Rhule is a builder, and he is going to suffer without being to pick his own guys.

I was as excited as anyone when Jim Harbaugh came to Michigan, but to me his stint in Michigan has proven, he doesnt have near the eye for talent that I thought he did. He has found a few guys, but Michigan is a big enough name that Harbaugh can borderline pick of the litter. They arent Alabama, LSU, OSU, Clemson, etc, but they are just under that tier. Harbaugh should have been able to come to Michigan, land a few big name guys, get them to the bowl games and NFL, and then begin increasing the talent to compete with the huge schools. Instead, Michigan has regressed. Talent is passing up Michigan because they see they can’t hang with the big boys. Michigan is a 4 star school. Talented, but ultimately overmatched. Harbaugh has done nothing to improve Michigan’s talent level, and in fact I think next year they take yet another step back.

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Why did this thread turn into a referendum on Jim Harbaugh?

He’s not much of a coach and I still say it’s not about the recruits in his case esp. Has the talent level of his recruits fallen, only asking because I don’t know. With re to Rhule, I think it’s going to be pretty iffy and remember, when Pete Carroll first went to the NFL he sucked. Lot’s of people were down on him coming back, I was one of them but he’s over achieved in many ways although finding a franchise QB where he did might have been blind luck.