Lions' coaches taking criticism for Senior Bowl practices

Agents and other UDFA’s might avoid the Lions if they’re sandbagging things for their sole benefit.

Probably not. UDFAs are generally go for the best combination of signing bonus and opportunity to make the roster

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I thought I read somewhere that coaches wanted to put players in an uncomfortable position to see how they respond. They started to pick up the pace later in the day.

Why would they just make this a skills competition? Isn’t that what the combine and prodays are for? Sounds like the Bengals coaching staff ran their practice far worse than the Lions.

These are grown men, not 12 year olds. They don’t like getting yelled at for doing stupid shit, either stop doing stupid shit or give up on the NFL.


Are you saying you don’t hop on every negative story and run like hell with it?


Iggchit, moving on…

Got any positive stories with this circus franchise? I cannot fathom why some of this teams fans blindly defend all things Quinntricia. The same guys who reach on nearly every player in the draft, overspend on every free agent, give away good players in trades and put players in spots to fail, all of a sudden cannot be criticized when even the media says they are running their practices like crap.

Why do you even follow this team?..why are you even on this message board?..Do you even like the team? Do you enjoy just ripping everything and get off on the reactions that people have to it? Do you feel good by being the negative nancy all the time, do you act this way in your personal life? Do you live the troll life? Are you constantly wearing sunglasses at night? Do you enjoy when old ladies fall down? Did someone kick your puppy? Are you happy with your current cell phone service? Did you enjoy the GoT final season? Lafayette or American? Does my wound look infected? What this best route to Detroit from Novi? Have you ever tried acupuncture? What’s the best seasoning for pork ribs? Do you tip Uber drivers? And most importantly, chicken or beef?


They’ve been locked out everywhere else imho… no where to go

I care less what the stupid reporters say or do there

I care less what the team does overall in the field as well

I don’t care if our side wins or gets thier asses kicked

I only hope we find a gem or two to draft: nothing else matters


But then you say things like this:

Other senior bowl post you made: “While not useless, I view the Senior Bowl like a glorified Pro Bowl. Not sure how much real info you get out of watching mid level prospects playing 2 hand touch in severely dumbed down schemes. Maybe you get your eyes opened to a guy or 2 that you were unaware of, but it’s not all that.”

So it’s useless in your eyes but if you can slam the Lions in it… you do?

Come on man!!


I want better. Some folks accept failure like it’s crack cocaine. I don’t think real fans love to defend failure, like it’s a hobby. I call it out, because I want real change and the sooner the better. I know Quinntricia is not the answer. They are both terrible at their jobs. I know it will take a transition to move on from them. I prefer that over sticking with them for 2 more years before inevitably going thru that same transition.

Why is that hard to understand? I personally don’t take much from the Senior Bowl. These coaches have years of film on these guys, can hold personal workouts, combine, etc. It’s not like they are going 100%. It’s kind of like the Pro Bowl. Whatever, no big deal.

I also tend to believe people when they say things like the practices aren’t being run well. Crazy that it didn’t surprise a single person, since our coach has been criticized for his practices since the moment he was hired here.

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People are criticizing the media, but from what I’m reading the NFL scouts aren’t happy.

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Jeff Risdon (who has been to 10 or 11 sr bowls) said that MPs practice was pretty standard. That the media complaints were coming from mostly newbie journalists.


I like where you’re at on that, but they do owe it to the kids to help them show well, which I’m sure they will.

The workouts are primarily beneficial for smaller school or lesser conference guys who may not have had the opportunity to face a higher level of competition. They can try to “prove” they belong with the big boys.

If they turn it around this year, will you agree to shut the fuck up after the season and never post here until the season is over? If not, you are just a hater.

Define turn it around. Is it a real turn around, or a Lions homer 8-8, 9-7 “fake turn around”?

They win the division and host a playoff win and I’ll delete my account and buy you an autographed jersey of your player of choice.

Now, if we have another garbage year, are you going to promise to stop being their personal apologist and unpaid PR manager?

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Deal. I hope I get the chance to buy you that jersey.