Lions could have had Mike Vrabel as head coach. Went with The Defensive Guru instead

Wrong branch of the Patriots tree.

We did interview him too.

Totally agree , vrabel was a player and is very smart too . Even looks better than bellchik. He know Quinn was a janitor with patriots , so stayed away

That’s what happens when you do for-show coaching search processes that you’re not serious about, because you already know who you’re going to hire.

I got clued in to how ready-to-win-in-the-playoffs the Titans were by riding Tannehill in the second half of the season to my fantasy league championship.

Now I’m making bank off them because Consensus NFL Opinion still doesn’t get it.

I have the Titans +10 tonight. :rofl::joy:


Yep. Vrabel is a stud HC. A leader of men and a tactician. Too bad they get bent over against KC. Great run, though.

Can’t wait to get double-digit points again from the Conventional Wisdom crowd.

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Take your titans wins and be happy. Mahomes is not Lamar. KC is a buzz saw and will win the SB.

I was wrong on this one! Always like Vrabel but couldn’t see him helping the Lions getting over the hump… Maybe he could have!

Who coaches the Chiefs, again? (Speaking of conventional wisdom.)

John harbaugh is scratching head like Jim harbaugh now

Its Reid’s time. Good on you for riding the Titans. Those were difficult and shrewd wagers to make. It ends next week against the chiefs

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If Vrabel had come here, he woulda sucked here.

Draft Tua here, he’ll suck; pass on him? He’ll be an All-Pro.

That’s just the way it is with the Lions.


“Great run” … ironic … you said in another thread that Running backs don’t matter.

Henry and the Titans defense have carried his team and if he’s healthy then I like TEN chances to beat KC.

He’s the perfect argument for why the Lions should draft a RB in round two this year.


I also have $10 on the Titans to win the Super Bowl to win $400. And $10 on the Seahawks to do the same for $250. So a Seahawks-Titans Super Bowl would be just fine with me.

I may be underestimating the Packers because of my disdain for them. But I just don’t see them as a 13-3 #2 seed. And Seattle can play in weather.

Love this argument. Arguably it would be difficult to improve the defense much with the draft for 2020 I could see BQ and MP go all in on the D in FA and follow it up with a more offensive draft. Not condoning it but I could certainly see it.

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Yikes… “great run” means great playoff run.

GB is not a good #2 seed you’re right. I think things are setting up favourably for them, though. Seattle is not good and SF is too leaky. I think it’s a GB KC Super Bowl.

GB defense is good

I don’t know, NE and Baltimore are both better run defenses than KC, Henry should have his biggest game yet next week, keeping Mahomes off the field.

On the defensive side of the ball for Tennessee, Dick LeBeau was the one that laid the foundation for the defense. Once he departed, Vrabel hired Dean Pees, former Ravens D Coordinator and Patriots D Coordinator. They are so lucky. I wanted Pees as the D coordinator/Ast HC in the worse way.

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Imagine having the guts to bench the young, high draft pick QB.

It completely changed the trajectory of the Titans’ season. Competent QB play has allowed Derrick Henry to flourish.

And I still think the Titans have a weak WR corps.

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