Bo looks like a nice replacement for Legarett Blount so far

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Hell yeah, I wanted to draft Bo. His measureables are off the chart. I hope hope hope he is our diamond in the rough.

can’t get geeked yet long ass game !

Not even gonna lie, I am as shocked as the Cowboys right now…lol

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Let’s go! Nice hard run there. Bo knows touchdowns.

That’s was a really impactful defensive play coming from “the worst LB in the league”

Bo might be a keeper.

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I know I am trying to hold back. Please be the answer to our RB situation. I would be so freaking happy.

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Almost forgot how much I hated the 'Boys.

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If we’re 6-5-1 going into Minnesota, Staff is going to do everything he can to play.

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Patricia calling plays again. Good.


GJ Slay !

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Slay playing great

Fantastic start by the defense.


Agreed, Slay up for the challenge today

No need to even touch him, Moore. Dummy.

Looked like Moore barely touched the guy…sheesh

Since we’re watching the Cowboys. Does anybody get a Dak vibe from Jalen Hurts?

Scarbrough killing it with 7 fantasy points already!!