Lions currently have the worst pass rush win rate in the league at 24%. The next worst team is Miami at 31%

Ed Oliver 4th amongst DTs in pass rush win rate. Weird.:zipper_mouth_face:


Not surprised. Quinn went all in on Flowers and it was a complete failure. A 60 year old Ziggy Ansah is more disruptive than Cupcake Flowers. Bottom line, Quinn is a terrible GM. His drafts suck, his FA signings suck. A lot of his trades suck. The coach he hired sucks. The end.


I like Hock, but I hate taken TEs in round one.
The Davis, Tabor picks were awful.

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Why do you waste your time being a Detroit Lions fan when all you do is knock down the team. I got to laugh at all the armchair GM’s up in here the last few days.

You have the resume all fired up for the next GM job…I’m sure your optimistic look at life would do wonders in the interview.

1 playoff win in 62 years and you want to defend that side? Sorry, all I did was call a spade a spade. Make that 63 years and counting by the way, because here we are in yet another season that is over before Halloween. But by all means, defend the clowns that assembled another underwhelming team and coaching staff.

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My point is, in those 63 years of losing has your complaining incessantly made one pinch of shit difference?

No. Has your homerism made them better?

Newsflash. This is a message board. People have varying opinions. You are ok with failure, I think people getting paid millions of dollars at the expense of fans to do a shitty job, should be called out. You make excuses for it. It’s ok, we don’t agree.

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What excuses have I made? Just because I’m not jumping off a bridge posting the same negative shit on every single thread on this board like you?

We get it, you don’t like the trade, don’t like Quinn, don’t like Patricia…basically don’t like the Lions. What’s the point?