Lions D film study-crossing routes


That’s funny but not. Melvin as DB2 is about the worst thing I’ve ever seen. Should have kept Tabor.

This is why im hoping they pursue Schobert in FA. Good cover LB

Last heard, Tabor was tearing it up on the 49ers PS.

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Whoa… slow down now. There is bad and then there is Tabor. Who in no way was worth a roster spot. We do need to upgrade CB2 and even if we don’t, I think it’s AO manning CB2 and Melvin will be elsewhere.

By elsewhere I assume you mean Aldi or some other grocery store stocking shelves.

So it would seem.

I’m expecting us to be aggressively looking for a CB in FA.

We get fooled by pick plays all the time. It’s disgusting.

I heard they are painting a tunnel on a rock
That should stop em in their tracks.