Lions D Pressure vs. Blitz Rates




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Is this chart successful pressure vs successful blitzes?

Or just overall % of pressures vs % of which are blitzes?

Just wonder because their are some suspect teams in that upper quadrant.

What is PRWR?

Help an old man out. What am I looking at?

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Just looked it up. The y-axis is Pass Rush Win Rate – i.e. success on the pass rush (regardless of whether you blitzed or not, presumably). x-axis is blitz rate. So you want to be in the upper left – winning on the pass rush without having to exploit an extra rusher.

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from another old geezer–too technical for me----can you write in crayon ???—LOL

Our position on the chart shows that we blitz less than anyone. It also shows that we are the least effective at blitzing when we do.

The problem with a chart like that is you don’t know what numbers they are looking at.
We rush only 3 on most snaps. (same as last year)
It looks like the percentage running from left to right is blitzing with a DB. So, yeah, we’re real low on that measurement.

If you look at the other teams that blitz with a DB less than 25%, you see a mix of teams that are either really good 4-3 teams or teams that mix in Linebackers in their rush.

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Okay, I get it now.

I don’t believe this is correct. It shows we hardly blitz and we hardly bring pressure. Compare this to Miami who blitzed a lot but hardly brings pressure. The one axis is overall pressure, not blitz pressure.

You could be (probably are) right.
It’d be nice to have a link to the article.

graph article

I’m not sure it helps much – he calls it the blitz rate, without reference to DB’s, even though DB is on the axis label. Apparently the ‘win rate’ is if you are past your man in 2.5 seconds or less. Nothing to do with blitzing, We are either the worst or second to worst performers. You could argue that Miami only gets 5% more success than us with alot more blitzing, which is worse than out low succes/low blitz rate.