Lions Defensive Tackles Draft Profiles

I thought it would be fun to a look at our DTs combine numbers:

A’Shawn Robinson - Grade 6.34
6’4", 307lbs, 34.5" arms length, 10.5" hands
3 cone: 7.8 seconds
Vert: 26"
Broad jump: 8’10"
40: 5.22 seconds
Bench: 22

John Atkins - Grade 5.60
6’2", 321 lbs, 34" arms length, 9.25" hands
3 cone: 7.95 seconds
Vert: 24"
Broad jump: 7’5"
40: 5.28 seconds
Bench: DNP

Da’Shawn Hand - Grade 6.20
6’4", 297 lbs, 34" arms length, 9.75" hands
3 cone: 7.98 seconds
Vert: 31.5"
Broad jump: 7’5"
40: 4.83 seconds
Bench: 28

Jamie Meder: Pro Day - Grade 5.05
6’2", 293 lbs, 33" arm length, 9.87" hands
3 cone: 7.47 seconds
Vert: 30"
Broad jump: 8’5"
40: 5.20 seconds
Bench: 33

Frank Herron:
6’3", 311 lbs, 33" arms length, 9.38" hands

For fun:
Snacks Harrison Pro Day
6’3", 339 lbs, ? arm length, ? hands
3 cone: 7.80 seconds
Vert: 25"
Broad jump: 7’9"
40: 5.54 seconds
Bench: 34

Mike Daniels
6’0", 291 lbs, 32.5" arm length, 9.62" hands
3 cone: ?
Vert: ?
Broad jump: ?
40: 4.77 seconds
Bench: 27

Anyone think the Lions will find someone similar to Snacks #s?

Other notable free agents:

Danny Shelton - Grade 6.43
6’2", 339 lbs, 32" arm length, 10.25" hands
3 cone: 7.99 seconds
Vert: 30.5"
Broad jump: 7’11"
40: 5.64 seconds
Bench: 34

DJ Reader - Grade 5.25
6’3", 327 lbs, 33.6" arm length, 9.5" hands
3 cone: 7.90 seconds
Vert: 29.5"
Broad jump: 8’2"
40: 5.33 seconds
Bench: 30

Leonard Williams - Grade 7.53
6’4", 302 lbs, 34.6" arm length, 10.6" hands
3 cone: 7.59 seconds
Vert: 29.5"
Broad jump: 8’10"
40: 4.97 seconds
Bench: 35

Javon Hargrave - Grade 5.5
6’1", 309 lbs, 32.0" arm length, 9.6" hands
3 cone: 7.90 seconds
Vert: 34.5"
Broad jump: 9’1"
40: 4.93 seconds
Bench: 29

Michael Pierce
6’0", 329 lbs, 30.5" arm length, 9.6" hands
3 cone: DNP
Vert: 27.0"
Broad jump: 9’7"
40: 5.01 seconds
Bench: 28

Michael Brockers
6’5", 322 lbs, 35.0" arm length, 9.1" hands
3 cone: 7.46
Vert: 30.0"
Broad jump: 8’9"
40: 5.18 seconds
Bench: 21

I think Leonard Williams can be a star for us. He hasn’t put up big numbers yet but he’s got one of the highest pressure rates in the league. The sacks are coming. And we know how much Patricia - and Belichick, et al, value pressure rate.

Vernon Butler is one I would like
6’ 4" / 330 lbs.
6/14/1994 (25)

  • 10 3/4" HANDS
    35 1/8" ARM LENGTH
    He can play nose, he can play defensive end in the 3-4 and he’s got movement skills. I thought Butler would run a little better in the 40, but I thought his 10 (yard split) was probably pretty good there."

He had 6 sacks last season 7 TFL an recovered 3 FF
Drafted Round 1 (#30 overall), 2016


I like Willims, Reader and Hargraves.

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Kevin Strong
here is one we have they missed Height: 6-4
Age: 23Weight: 285 lbs

They like him a lot

Vernon is the DT I target. 26 in June. Mostly healthy in his 4 year NFL career to date. To me it looks like he is just starting to really get it now. Vernon is from Louisiana Tech meaning a slow transition was to be expected.

There are a LOT of options out there and I am not at all worried. Butler checks a lot of boxes for me though.

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Yep. He was undrafted yet beat out their draft pick PJ Johnson. He came from UTSA where coach Bo Davis was. I’ll post a pic of why I think they like his play.

I give up looking for the pic. I’ll just summarize…
Strong plays with leverage, strength and active hands. Watching the Minnesota game at home when we were predominately in a 3-4, I see Strong line up at LDE, RDE and even NT. With his hands he is able to keep the Center off of him and then drive him backwards toward the QB. He’s also able to absorb a double-team without getting blown off his spot. Finally, he’s also able to engage the LT (dude is committing major holding, btw) and throw him off to force pressure, something that Okwara is not able to do from the same spot.

Anyhow, didn’t mean to write a novel, but I can see why they like the guy and I absolutely expect him to be part of the DL in 2020.

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D.J Reader is the the best FA replacement for snacks imo. One of the top run defenders in the league last year. Only 25yrs old so hes about to enter his prime. Your probably looking at a 4year $48mil type of deal to secure his services.

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Reader is my priority free agent at this time for DT. I like Williams and Hargraves, too.
I have Judon on the short list for an edge player, Harris at safety, to hurt Minnesota and help us.
Thuney at guard. Corey Littleton at LB. shooting for absolute upgrades at all those positions. I know I can’t have them all but the holes I fill with upgrades can direct my off season plans.
And, you think these are out of line, Thuney might cost 3 million more than GG. Harris is a big shot 10 million maybe, Littleton might run more than I think but 8.5-10M, Reader 10-12. Soooo, I am hoping for another direct assault when FA opens like last year. Solid offers to guys they value.

Reader would make me very happy too!

He may not fill up the stat line, but he’s the type of run-stuffing DT I think Patricia covets.

$10-$12M a year should do it. Reader’s agent is very cozy with the Broncos front office and they have expressed interest in him, so they need to go at him hard if they want him.

I think Littleton will cost you $15M + a year.

11,000,000 would put him at number 003 at OLB, both making more than him are DE/OLB hybrids, (Von Miller and Dante Fowler). So, shooting high there I think, but not out of the question.

Littleton plays ILB doesn’t he? I was going off of Shaq Thompson’s contract with that number.

Uh oh

Sorry, I thought LB’er numbers were combined, I’ll check. Nope, high water mark was ten million.

I missed Kevin Strong. He has D.J. Reader numbers except the bench.

Kevin Strong
6’3", 285 lbs, 32.0" arm length, 10.1" hands
3 cone: 7.95
Vert: 30.5"
Broad jump: 8’10"
40: 5.26
Bench: 17