Lions @ Denver Game Thread

Here is to a good game, no injuries, and fair officiating for both sides. Go Lions Game ON!

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Tank for TWO! (#2 Draft pick that is) LOL


Kenny G sighting !

These bastards are gonna win.


Damnit, get Golliday out of there. We don’t need him getting hurt or ruining our draft pick.

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tryin ta win a football game havin ass !

What happens if the Giants and Redskins tie?

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hell if I know.

Come on Blah .

I guess Giants have weakest schedule, so they be 2, Detroit 3, Washington 4.

Decker down. Is that 3 different o line in?

Good ole’ Decker. He’ll see to it we don’t win.
Next up…um…James?


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great defense -oh wait.

Washington should have just went for 2 point conversion. Won’t matter if the Lions win this meaningless game. I gotta hope Patricia’s rocket scientist smarts have him figure out how to lose this one without making it obvious I guess. We lose out and we’re at worst #3. We win we fall back to 6th today and if we win next week - man, I don’t even want to look.

doesn’t matter Quinn is going to blow it even if we picked 2nd. sometimes I think he reads who we really want and says “well now I know who to stay away from.”

Mia- Cin now in Overtime !!!

I hate that Johnson is playing today

that brace doesn’t look like it’s slowing KJ down.