Lions draft Trevor Lawrence in this mock

I guess the one silver lining in keeping BQ/MP is that they get worse every year. Sounds like they plan to trade Slay and cut Snacks and that could be enough to catapult them into the top pick. This mock seems to think we will be drafting #1.


Interesting take… look, I get it… cutting Snacks, trading Diggs, looking to unload Slay… all looks suspiciously like deliberately trying to tank. But in all seriousness, keeping the same key players that led you to the 29-30th ranked defense in the league doesn’t make it look like you’re attempting to upgrade the D, and/or team.

While I’m not all in on the BQ-MP train I’m gonna give them the benefit of the doubt in this case, afterall, Snacks is 31 and didn’t bring much game changing play to the table last season, and Slay has been a bit too vocal about it “just being a business” and “i don’t care where I play”… and at times last season looked very good but also at times looked very pedestrian (Chargers game?) …offer me a high 2nd and I’d bite.

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I’m down. This is the QB I want, and would be fine with cleaning the cupboard and restocking them to get Lawrence.

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If we’re not good next year it’s a great year to tank. Either Fields or Lawrence would be amazing


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If we are tanking , lot of hail Mary’s and flee flickers will be fun to watch

I want nothing more then to see the Lions win… and tanking for Lawrence MIGHT be the quickest possible way to get there. And I’m a Stafford supporter.

Do we really need to tank? I mean we’ve gotten worse each season.

I think it’s very plausible we will just be the worst team without doing any tanking.

Actually I suspect that BQ/MP will try to win every game they can.


Even if we did tank or simply continued to regress under Quintricia, and ended up the worst team in the NFL (not a huge stretch), my guess is that Lawrence would refuse to play for Detroit. We currently have lame ducks all throughout the staff and front office and a roster that is getting worse by the minute. TL and his agent aren’t going to want to sign with a team that will almost certainly be in complete chaos.

1st pick next year would make the Head Coaching position way more attractive if you knew you were going to beable to have Lawrence as your QB of the future.Maybe they actually get a GM and coach that Trevor would be open to coming to Detriot.

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That’s the only hope, really.

Great point.