Lions draft Tua?

Anyone think if Tua’s medicals check out BQ goes to Martha and sells her on drafting him, letting him sit a year behind Stafford then having a plan to trade Stafford in 2021. Having Tua on the rookie contract and building around him. Of course BQ would let Martha know if they draft Tua he would want to be guaranteed to keep his job to continue that course of building the team. I just don’t see us trading Stafford this year with that massive cap hit. I’m not sure if this is the direction to go but with Stafford getting up there in years and the last 2 years with his back I’m leaning towards finding his successor sooner than later. If Tua is there at 3 should BQ pull the trigger.

No to me Tua is damaged goods… no medical will change that. I could get on board with Herbert as a successor if and when Stafford’s decides he is done or his play plummets (Which I do not see happening )
Martha & Wood could make this call on drafting a QB and still expect results from Quinn and Patricia this season , this pick has no bearing on that, as we should not be in this position to draft as high as we are and are only doing so because Quinn has failed to this point …he is in no position to give ultimatums …
We were all told 9-7 was and is not good enough, we were to be better than this and that did not include the #3 overall pick in Quinn’s plan for 2020.

Mahomes proved they you can win immediately . No point of wasting another 2 years to help stafford ,max we can reach is a road wild card game . Better forget the cap hit money and go for the kill , don’t waste another 2 years , draft tua , he is the future , we need a change

Tua is far from the future! Mahomes got drafted to a fairly talented team with a great coach. Im not saying he isnt a great QB. Tua is far from Mahomes though. I agree we need a change but that change isnt Stafford.

You do know that Mahomes was a backup as a rookie, right? Not advocating for Tua—just enjoy trolling the troll.

Mahomes through the same 8 games Stafford played this season does not improve our record . This is not a Stafford issue. You can not back up this take that we are being held down by Stafford in anyway shape or form

Look no further then week #4 Head to Head…

Stafford 21 of 34, 61.76 Comp%, 291Yards, 3TD’s, 0 Int’s,QB Rating 118.6

Mahomes 24 of 42, 57.14 Comp%, 315 Yards, 0TD’s, 0 Int’s, QB Rating 81.0

Stafford losses the game , cant elevate the team …this is the nonsense that is spewed .

Tua is not remotely an upgrade to Stafford.

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I wouldn’t trade Stafford this year and say F it let’s roll. That’s too much money wasted to get rid of him. I’m a Stafford fan. I’m not trying to push him out the door just putting a scenario out there for discussion. I definitely think we need to find a starting QB of the future. Is that QB Tua, Herbert, Love someone in this year’s 1st round? Tua before injury was considered a generational talent. After injury who knows. Should we take that gamble it could pay off big time but being a life long Lion fan I know the odds are stacked against us. If a team trades with Washington and Burrow and Tua go 1 and 2 then I think we take Young. Burrow and Young go 1and 2 then we could be all in on Tua and that gamble could set us up for the next decade or nose dive us even further by wasting a top 3 pick. If those medicals check out I’d take the gamble but my job is not on the line. BQ had better have a crystal ball or some brass balls to make that pick I think.

Then I’ll focus on college and the XFL.

Tua is 22-years-old. He’ll heal. Draft him. Sit him for a year or two even. Because he also:

-Had 33/3 TD-Int ratio in 9 games last year (85/11 over 3yrs)
-Has vision, speed, great command, good arm strength and touch
-Would come to the OC who drafted and put Russell Wilson on the map
-Franchise QB material right here with Stafford aging…

No player can predict whether or not he’ll be hurt in the future but QB is the most protected position on regular teams. The reward is well-worth the risk.


God no, he gets broke constantly in shorter college seasons. 2 broke wrists, 2 ankle surgeries, broke hip, surgery on hip, knee sprains in just 2 seasons. It’s not like a 1 time thing with him it’s the norm

Lions use third overall pick to draft broke-dick QB. They could have gotten an elite player but chose a guy whose broken more than he is fixed. Typical Lions move.

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Your right, they do love their injury prone players, lol

I’m not kidding, if they draft Tua then I’m quittin’ this team. Ain’t gonna happen though, I think they’re going for Okudah, and if they TD and he’s gone then Brown.

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Quinn needs to win THIS YEAR. Tua getting taken at #1 doesn’t accomplish that and potentially gets him fired.

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yes and the Lions leaders kept Stafford broke dick because they were so half assed at everything
A real team with their shit together ? Stafford would have had time to heal more often than not by far, INSTEAD of being injured every season or every other.

BUT let’s draft ANOTHER busted up QB so HE stays that way IF he lasts anywhere near as long as Stafford that’s the answer…I’m sure. :roll_eyes:

Injuries happen to QB’s and players that were perfectly , 100% healthy and never had injuries in their LIFE…that is the NFL, you can get hurt.

But why in thee hell would you draft a QB that has had a long history of injuries and JUST got all mended up AGAIN so he can be drafted !? AND you know , behind our lines he’s going to get hammered period !?

Matt will be QB here for all of 2020 and anywhere from 3 to five years out . He is in no fu^5ing rush to leave and OUR fron’t office isn’t pushing the situation.

OUR Leaders can easily draft a starter next draft, the one after, the one after that, but we CAN get a way better back up NOW.

I’ll tell you all, NO QB you draft will ever be Immediate success , Immediate difference and bowl, your dreaming ! IT will be, more of the same we always see. AND WHY?

Owners are too preoccupied or they just don’t care…to broom the entire staff , except Bevell (maybe) , and bring in all the people they need that have thee experience, know-how , drive, brains, TO make sure THE DETROIT LIONS WIN…until/unless that happens (ever) It will be the same show. but no QB is going to walk on like a GOD and make the Lions a total winning team different than we ever seen before…