Lions Elimination possibilities

Since so many are negative nacy’s here… I am going that route on this!! :slight_smile:

Gaints and Redskins are officially eliminated from the 1st seed…

Along with these two, the Falcons, Bucs, Cards and Now our Lions have elimination possibilities as of this next Sunday; Wk 10. All these teams can be officially eliminated form one, some or all the top 4 seeds.

AFC wise…Bengal are already officially eliminated form the top 4 seeds. Sadly, and more power to them than us, they can be officially eliminated this week all together!

Jests & Dolphins can be officially eliminated form one, some or all the top 4 seeds.

For our Lions, 15 games over week 10 & 11 were factored into this process…

We can offically be eliminated from just the 1st, top, seed this weekend:

  Lions lose to the Cowboys, and
  Forty-Niners beat the Seahawks, and
  Forty-Niners beat the Cardinals, and
  Vikings beat or tie the Broncos

SO, the positive is, if we win, this cant happen this week!!

Just win Baby!!

Not sure if serious

Of course this is serious silly. Abject is ALWAYS serious about the #s and I for one love these posts he does. He’s not predicting we will do anything. He’s not giving an opinion on anything. He’s simply stating actual numbers and algorithms. These are simple 100% facts. Now if we want to get into probabilities and likeliness then that’s a whole different monster, and much uglier. But as it stands, by winning this week we can’t be eliminated from ANYTHING.


Nice summation brother! Thank you!!

Thanks bro, I really needed this thread right now

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So, officially we can’t get pissed yet, right?

*asking for a negative nancy friend"

Awwwwww Maaan : :hushed:

I can only give “suggestions” brother Syd…

I cant control other people, or how they decide to react to situations they face… :wink: but, I can explain the why at times empathically… :stuck_out_tongue:

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Reality: I’m pretty sure Cincy, Mia, Jets, Giants, Lions, etc. are not making the playoffs. Any of those teams will be lucky to get 3 more wins this season.
While the numbers say there is still a mathematical chance, the idea that any of those teams will run the table has about zero chance of happening. The Lions could only manage to win 3 out of their first 9 games and suddenly they are going to rip off 7 wins in a row?

I’m calling: Philly, Packers, Vikings, Saints, Niners, Seahawks.
NE, Balt, Hou, Ten, KC, Oak.
Pit, Indy, Dal, and Buf have outside shots.