Lions fans are out in force!

There a a lot of us here!

Bryant sighting!


I appreciate you supporting the team.
You’re a better fan than they deserve!


I was so damn tempted to make the drive up myself. Hell, we could have carpooled! LOL

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I normally don’t get to be around lions fans unless it’s on here so this is crazy…

This is commitment.

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I heard they dropped beer prices for the game. Let me know if its true.

I picked up a case of Mich Ultra today. This team is no longer worth IPA’s.

Paid 15 for a 25 oz bud light and shock top…

Does that mean $7.50 each for two 25oz beers? That wouldn’t be too bad, but not a huge discount.

In New Orleans its $9 each for a 16oz Coors Light and similar. The case I bought of the Mich Ultra was twelve 16oz aluminum bottles for $17.:grin:

I thought so about going. But I’d traveled to Az and Detroit for games. Didn’t wanna deal with the wet weather. But it looks nice out there. SMH

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My bad Wes, each. It still seems expensive.

My buddy, a browns fan, turned to me and said…it’s a neutral field of anything…maybe even more lions fans.