Lions fans can forget about Miami trading up for Tua Tagovailoa

Both opinions are predicated on the Breer report.

That being said, given that both the Lions front office and Dolphins coaching staff has roots in the secret society known as the Patriots front office/administration, maybe the absence of any rumors means nothing.

If Herbert is the only QB deemed worth of a top 3 pick (besides Burrow obviously), than that should help Detroit. Supply goes down, demand goes up. Of course that only works if Chargers also think Tua isn’t worth taking.


Have been saying this since November …Tua is damaged goods . Herbert is the better prospect regardless of injury .
Herbert should be drafted before Tua & Burrow for that matter…I’m in the minority on that (I know) but I will stand with this AFC scout that had backed up my take .

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Bidding war over Sherbert (it’s where my mind is at, I’ve ben in Ketosis for over 3 months).

Quinn comes out of this like Andy Dufrain!


Next move…Get rid of that stupid GD song (Forward Down The Field).


I never understood why Miami would need to move up in the first place. They know Detroit will reach on some dude nobody else wants in the top 10, then the Giants are next and they already drafted their franchise QB last year. Miami is just fine where they are at.

The Chargers and the Jags are the only 2 teams I think that would even consider trading up to our pick, and I am not convinced either of them need to. I could see it going like this…

Miami takes Herbert
Chargers take Tua
Jags trade for Dalton

Everyone gets a QB. Chargers get their buzz pick. Jags get a veteran. Miami gets the safe pick. Lions get a CB who shouldn’t be picked in the top 10 and won’t develop for a couple years.

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I think a team will have fallen in love with Herbert and will want to move up to three to grab him . Miami or the Chargers …because 2 or 3 teams will want him it keeps the trade in play . A team is going to come up and get their guy . You don’t waffle and play waiting games you go get him . I still think Herbert can go #3 overall to Miami for #5 , #26 & #56 … You have to pay for the QB …Miami fans will revolt if a QB is not taken and with Detroit and the Giants willing to move you go get your guy

This only works if A) Chargers are ok with whomever Miami doesn’t want at QB and B) Miami think Chargers are ok with whomever they don’t want at QB. If Chargers have one rated higher than the other, why would they stay put? If Miami is afraid that the Chargers might jump them to get their QB, why would they stay put? You could be right, but we don’t know what the Chargers are thinking and presumably neither does Miami. And Detroit should be desperate to trade back (unless they want a QB or really want a player they suspect NYG might take) so any tradeup for either team should be reasonable, unless the other team ups the ante.

Here’s why I disagree. You don’t HAVE to mortgage your future for a QB if none of the guys stand out as ELITE.

Herbert is not a “can’t miss” QB.
Tua was, but has serious injury concerns.

Why throw away future high picks for guys who all have question marks? If Herbert is there at 5 (and he will be), you take him. If someone else chucks a bunch of picks to trade to 3 to get him, let them give away their future and then take Tua or trade your 2nd rounder for Dalton and draft a QB next year.

We are not staring at Peyton Manning, Andrew Luck type talents (other than Tua before the hip thing). Trading up seems careless for these guys.

Quinn will probably end up trading with Belichick.

That’s true. I don’t know what these GMs are thinking, but when you are drafting in the top 8, that usually means your team sucks and your roster is busted. Not a great fix to throw away future picks to get 1 guy who isn’t a sure thing.

If I am the Chargers GM and I rank the QBs in this order:
Herbert, Tua, Love for instance…

If Miami grabs Herbert, then I take Tua. If I am super scared about Tua’s injury, then I trade down and grab Love and add an extra pick or 2. If I think my team is close to competing, then I only take Herbert if he falls to me and if he doesn’t then I trade a future pick for Dalton for the stop gap.

None of these teams are a rookie QB away from being good, so throwing away future picks is really not helping your new franchise QB.

Every QB drafted is potential …Herbert is an Elite prospect not an Elite QB …

You look at the guys who have been taken #2 or #3 and QB’s that teams traded up for . You go get your guy

Herbert is a Elite piece of clay that can be molded with every physical tool an Elite QB could have …Can he be a franchise player …every team needs a QB with that potential and teams pay for it . Backup QB money alone far exceeds rookies in some cases . The value of potential at QB at that price is huge

What action did you take for draft day?

I don’t disagree. Just saying that a good GM should look at the QBs on his board and ask himself… over the next 4 years who has the best chance to make our team special.

5 months ago, it may have been Tua, now, maybe not.
5 months ago Herbert may have been your 4th choice, now he is leap frogging Tua by some, but that doesn’t mean Herbert got better. He just replaced a guy who most thought had a higher ceiling.

In the end, maybe just grabbing Dalton is the answer for a couple years, till you find a real can’t miss prospect.

Been saying this all along. We have no leverage here, when it comes to QBs. If you trade with SD (6) or lower, you could miss on Young, Okudah and Simmons, the three non-QB’s that are elite. You have to hope the Giants don’t trade and take an OT. Miami doesn’t love Tua b/c of the injury. So we’re staying at 3, I bet. If you go to 6 and see only WR’s, DT’s and OT’s sitting there, you might as well go to 10-12 and get more A and A- players, because the A+ players are gone.

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Is Simmons an A+ player? I honestly don’t know, but I’m wary of workout warriors (Mike Mamula), and players without a position (eg Jabrill Peppers).

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Well, no one knows for sure, just MHO. But he wasn’t only a workout warrior - his stats speak for themselves. And I’ll give one more chance to Matty Patty to make Simmons excel. Don’t think Peppers had that opportunity with the Browns.

Peppers was awful in coverage in college. He played that viper position and outside of stopping outside run plays, he was not very good. The raw talent Simmons has is another level. I think his ceiling is much higher than Peppers’ was coming out of college.

Guys, it is far more likely at this stage in the process that an NFL writer is used to disseminate false information then given accurate information. We’ll find out soon enough

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Still drinking on the keto? :rofl::rofl::rofl:

We still own the keys to the #2 QB in the draft and there probably isn’t a lot of debate in REAL NFL circles as to who that is.

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